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My favorite fanfic
I usually donīt like very much reading fanfics: I found most of them to be boring and uninteresting, and Iīve been hugely disappointed with many of the Fanfic Recs from this very wiki. However, I find Max Wolf Revolutions to be simply amazing. It is so crazy and over-the-top that even the most absurd and gratuitous parts of the story manage to be highly entertaining and bizarrely fascinating: Think about a more self-aware version of Christian Humber Reloaded, which still keeps the fun nonsense of said story, resulting in a great Affectionate Parody which is also serves as a great to all those fanfics that belong to the So Bad, It's Good category. I think that is a shame that this isn’t more popular in the web. Personally I would recommend to anyone who enjoyed stuff like Christian Humber Reloaded (and its comic adaptation)

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