Reviews: Tenchi Muyo GXP

In many ways more entertaining than the original.

When this series first came out, I was opposed to watching it because I was burned out on Tenchi and the fact that every new season had a pre-requisite continuity reboot regarding the ladies' backstories. (Ryoko and Washu's cases being particularly egregious.)After learning that the story did NOT feature Tenchi, but instead featured his distant cousin, Seina, I was intrigued and gave it a shot. This is a decision I do not regret. Seina's harem antics are actually far more believable, and realistic (space opera stuff aside) than Tenchi's. Instead of having girls literally falling out of the sky and then falling in love for no real reason (except maybe the suspension bridge effect), girls are drawn (or pushed) towards Seina with realistic motives. Amane, who is my favorite, and has the most on-screen development, is drawn to him because he's the first guy who has truly treated her like a woman. Every other man she's met, especially those recommended by her father (down to her father himself) has treated her as a tool to get at her family's wealth, a notch for his bedpost, or as someone to boss around. Seina's done none of those things, and treats with respect, even when she's being the tease. Kiriko has been watching over him since he was a small child, so she's well aware of what his character is like, and has had plenty of time to develop her feelings for him. What really drew her to him, however, was Amane's interest. It's a common human trait that something deemed worthless becomes valuable the moment someone else becomes interested in it. Ryoko Balta was well romanced by Seina. Not only did he save her life, and put in a good word to the GP for her, but he's willing to accept her as she is, rather than judge her by who she was or what she's done. As a space pirate, she knows she's not going to find a better offer. Seina managed to win Neju by showing due respect to her title while still treating her like a person. This is no easy balancing act. Lastly, the four remaining brides were thrust upon him for political reasons (Seto's favor, and then Seina being third in line for Jurai) Seina knowing this, does not exploit or abuse them. In short, while idealized, this IS how polygamy usually works in reality. Definitely recommend this series to anyone wanting to enter the harem genre.

Could have been done a lot better but is watchable

It's an okay series if you walked in a fan of the original Tenchi series. Otherwise, you'll probably dislike this series. The main character is a guy named Seina, who looks like he's Tenchi's cousin or some other relative of his (I'm almost certain they have a blood relationship). The lame thing about Seina is he has no really awesome Juraian powers like Tenchi does. He just has really crappy luck that actually ends up working out for him but not so well for his enemies. The plot is very similar to the original series but with a new female harem to go along with the new male protagonist. The only few of these chicks I even look twice at are Ryoko ( I HATE her hairstyle though), Kiriko (even though she's a little too old to be trying to mess with Seina), and Seto (even thought she's a crazy old bat with young woman looks). Oh yeah, Seto's handmaidens, two random space pirate groupies, and this Vega chick (yeah, she's kinda of a bitch but she's a sexy bitch). Anyway it's mostly a comedy anime that thrives on fan-service. The series can't do dramatic at all, because the series starts to tank when it does. Also, there's some characters that don't seem to have any place or purpose in the show except to be a one episode cameo or just to be an antagonist to Seina and his harem. However, the thing that I really don't like about this show is it has a very wack ending. I not gonna spoil it for people who have not seen the series but it just came off as rushed to me. Although,I found the series watchable overall. Still, it could have used some improvements.