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Could have been done a lot better but is watchable
It's an okay series if you walked in a fan of the original Tenchi series. Otherwise, you'll probably dislike this series. The main character is a guy named Seina, who looks like he's Tenchi's cousin or some other relative of his (I'm almost certain they have a blood relationship). The lame thing about Seina is he has no really awesome Juraian powers like Tenchi does. He just has really crappy luck that actually ends up working out for him but not so well for his enemies. The plot is very similar to the original series but with a new female harem to go along with the new male protagonist. The only few of these chicks I even look twice at are Ryoko ( I HATE her hairstyle though), Kiriko (even though she's a little too old to be trying to mess with Seina), and Seto (even thought she's a crazy old bat with young woman looks). Oh yeah, Seto's handmaidens, two random space pirate groupies, and this Vega chick (yeah, she's kinda of a bitch but she's a sexy bitch). Anyway it's mostly a comedy anime that thrives on fan-service. The series can't do dramatic at all, because the series starts to tank when it does. Also, there's some characters that don't seem to have any place or purpose in the show except to be a one episode cameo or just to be an antagonist to Seina and his harem. However, the thing that I really don't like about this show is it has a very wack ending. I not gonna spoil it for people who have not seen the series but it just came off as rushed to me. Although,I found the series watchable overall. Still, it could have used some improvements.
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GXP review part 1
I'll be honest. I think the recent additions to the Tenchi canon are subpar at best, despite attempts by a Vocal Minority to defend them. OVA 3 in particular was a prime example of fanboy apologizism not seen until the Endless Eight debacle. Let me start off by ticking off some of the problems this spinoff had...since GXP and OVA 3 share some of the same issues.

I'm not going to talk about the story in detail because...well...there isn't much worth talking about. Boy finds out he's special in some way he couldn't have previously comprehended, gets sucked into a galaxy spanning adventure and manages to best his foes and save the day against all odds or logical sense. It's all been done before in other shows and frankly it's been done better. I marathoned this entire series in one afternoon, and I still have to struggle to remember anything of note besides certain one shot events. It was that bland. So for that, I'm not going to go through the cliched plotline point by point. I'm going to argue why this series fails to even live up to the low standard of being a cliche.

Characters: Harem animes have one key weakness...the male lead. Typically, they are boring, annoying, and generally just can't carry a series on their own. We've seen this in series like Van Dread, Saber Marionette J and the original Tenchi Muyo. The harem lead is made platable only because of the supporting female cast. Hibiki and Otaru would only be annoying loud mouths without the Marionettes and the pirate girls, and Tenchi is just a snore enducing everyman without the likes of Ryoko or Ayeka to spice things up. So how does GXP measure up? In two words, it doesn't. The harem girls Amane, Ryoko Baluta, Kiriko and Neeju are all a mix of cliched tropes like Token Loli and Clingy Jealous Girl with a dash of ripped off characteristics from the previous -better- cast. Amane is the Ryoko clone, Kiriko is the Ayeka clone, Neeju is the Sasami, of course, and Ryoko Baluta is a mix of Ayeka and a mix of Washu when she was in her Erma form. None of these characters have the true endearing traits of the previous Tenchi harem and ultimately come off as having the personality of blank cardboard.
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GXP review part 3
So what about those three? Well, according to some here on TV Tropes, Seriyo was Rescued From The Scrappy Heap due to his role in GXP. I think I can see why, even though I think it's misguided in some respects. Yes, his cartoon antics are the closest thing to entertainment this series ever produces. And yes, he's the most effective villain this series has, but that isn't saying much. Why isn't World Of Dumbass a trope? That would fit Kajishima's world perfectly. In any event, Seriyo is still considered a loser by the main cast, and he's defeated in a rather pathetic manner that even Team Rocket would find embarrassing. So why is he number one on my list of 'only things interesting in GXP'? Simple. For all of his stupidity, he has a goal(Get revenge on Seina and help his family business) a story arc(His joining the pirates and becoming a top man in the guild) and by extension, and actual damn plotline. I can't say the same about Seina and his crew, which makes Seriyo the only real protagonist in the show.

Tarant. Heh. I love Tarant. You can tell that he's trying to take this whole mess seriously. But he's constantly undermined by the whole ridiculousness of the show. He becomes entertaining when you realize that this is what happens when a serious anime antagonist wanders into a silly fanservice anime. Had the writers had the skill or foresight to capitalize on that, it could've been comedy gold. So, for all of you Aizen haters out there, just imagine what would happen if he wandered into the GXP verse and have fun.

NB is hated, but I like him. I like him because he is a reflection of how a fanboy would react if they were transported into a fanservice anime like this one. NB's segments show this anime for what it is, a shallow ripoff of better harem series, and the show would have been better served if it just ran with the premise. I don't know why NB finds the girls so attractive though, the fanservice sucks. Amane looks like a guy in drag, and Ryoko Baluta looks like something crawled into her hair and died. Note to would be harem writers, your series won't work if your characters don't at least look attractive. That's failure on a basic level.
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GXP review part 2
Seina, of course, is just as boring as every harem protagonist before him. So where does that leave us? Without a strong cast, the first half of this series pretty much drags along without a protagonist. At least...not any protagonist worth watching. It's all just a bunch of events moving one after another, all providing nothing of interest to the viewer. If you're not a Tenchi fanatic, you'll probably give up on this series within ten episodes. Kajishima's -and yes, he does share some of the blame for this mess, not just Nabeshin- failure and inability to create an engaging female supporting cast cripples this series pratically before it starts. It's the same problem we saw in OVA 3.

As long as we're here, let's talk about the voice acting, or what passes for it. I speak English, obviously, so I fall firmly on the dubbing side of things. When fanboys spout off about the superiority of the Japanese language -a language most don't speak and thus would have no ability to judge- I just roll my eyes. But here, even I have to admit they dropped the ball. Even main supporting characters like Seto, Minami, and some of the main harem all sound alike. While I was watching the series on Youtube, I was looking down at something thinking that one character was talking, only to look up and see that it was someone else entirely. Seto in particular sounds way too young. And it should be Set-toe not Say-toe. You know, like Seto Kaiba? That just annoyed the heck out of me.

Through out this damning adventure, there are only three things that stand out from the wearying monotony. Seriyo Tennan, Tarant Shank, and NB...other wise known as Nabeshin's Author Avatar. Before I go any further, it's important to understand something about this anime. It seems that it's suffering from an identity doesn't seem to know if it wants to be taken seriously or if it's trying to be a comedy. To note, everytime it tries to take itself seriously, the show starts going downhill fast. Had it stuck to comedy, or better yet a parody of harem anime in general, it would have been better. Not good, for as shows like Bo Bo Bo attest to, being a parody is no guarantee of success. But at least the series would have been easier to swallow.
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