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You need to get out more often.

Anyway, Lois & Clark is mostly forgotten, even among DC aficionados. The popularity among soccer moms was doubled-edged, as my generation (eighties-nineties) were turned off by the sappy romance, while anyone younger who tried to watch it was - metaphorically - at sea. When it was released on DVD, it was to promote Superman Returns. This caused a brief spike in interest, as fans realized the show wasn't completely indifferent to canon and was trying to be good. (A similar thing happened with Smallville, which was excepted to be Dawson's Creek with capes.) And for the most part Lois & Clark is good. The bad guys are contrived, of course, but the Daily Planet family is well-written and likeable.

The first two seasons are recommended viewing. It's standard stuff, with enough twists and Nineties cheese to keep it interesting. Everyone agrees the latter two season are total drivel. The writers spent an astounding amount of energy keeping the couple from marrying and... yep, that sure bit them in the asshole, didn't it. And, in hindsight, who the hell cares? There are a few highlights, like the New Kryptonians coming to Earth to make Superman their king, but the show was burnt out by that point. Season Four is full of a lot of stunt casting no one cares about.

As noted elsewhere, Clark and Lois have the kind of chemistry Howie Long and Thatcher had in those old Radio Shack ads (which were probably inspired by this show). They're not Gable and Lombard, but they're easy on the eyes and make a lively buddy team. Clark isn't bumbling like in most incarnations, he's just sheltered and naive. Lois Lane was born jaded. There's a good scene in the pilot episode where a cop wisecracks about a man killing himself with an electric bath; Clark gets in his face, and shames the officer through sheer force of his words. That's the kind of stuff I dig about Superman. At his best, he's not preachy.


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