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  • Creeped at Lindsay Ellis in a bar once.

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How to Succeed in Vandalizing

You started the Burn:Cycle page? Dude!- Beary Scary

~throws sock into the room and runs out, slamming the door behind me~

So there! ;) ~ USAF713

  • Counter-vandalizing and expressing appreciation. And you should totally make "So, you made it this far" into a trope, it's a good idea.- Radical Taoist

  • And I scoff back, in baritone, THAT I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH IN MY BARITONE DISTURBING! - FF Shinra

  • Huh. Someone else who keeps an eye on the Persona pages. WOOT! ~ phoenixdaughterAM

  • Just a little mark here... - Amused Troper Guy

  • What's up, my brethren? -SM Soldier

  • Is not really trying. —Wack'd

  • So you're not the one who made the page for Laci Green? - Jate88