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Reviews Comments: Love Yugioh, Love 5Ds, hate Turbo Duels. Yu Gi Oh 5 Ds whole series review by Anaheyla

5Ds is great, maybe not as riveting (yes, I buy into the Serious Business as well) as the last two entries, but servicable and interesting on its own.

Yusei's kind of meh, but I LOVE Jack. Jack Atlas, the Master of Faster!

Akiza, Action Girl extrordinaire!

Then there's Leo the Tagalong Kid and Luna The Chick. I guess they have their uses, but I'm not crazy about them.

And the villains! The Dark Signers with their Earthbound Gods/Immortals! Brilliant stuff.

My biggest complaint is the turbo duels. I loathe the turbo duels.

I'm barely aware of anything that happens in 5Ds because turbo duels are so dull. Half the time they focus on the bikes themselves and put alot of emphasis on the speed the actual bikes go for some reason.

Carly vs Sayer? I could probably give you a play by play.

Carly vs Jack? I'm vaguely aware that Fortune Lady Earth was played at some point and that Carly has some sort of trap card but that's literally the only part of the duel I can remember. Did Jack win? I assume he did, as he's still alive at the end. What happened to Carly? Did she survive? I hadn't even realized anything had happened to her until she reappeared with the other Dark Signers that disappeared sucked up at the end of their duels.
Akiza vs Ransborg? A mile a minute, what'll happen next. I love Ransy's faux Shakespearian dialogue.

Yusei vs Jack? I think a dragon or two might have made it onto the field, but beyond that I'm lost.
Akiza vs Misty? Great stuff. Sad Story spells are hax.

Goodwin vs Jack, Yusei and Crow? Well, Goodwin started with what? 12000 life points? And I'm sure an Earthbound Immortal was summoned at some point, because Goodwin was evidently evil all along. What happened after that? Did Yusei win? I'll take your word for it.

Also, I'm given to understand that Crow dueled Greiger at some point but bugger me if I can remember any of it.

I could go on.

Overall, I give 5Ds 6 out of 10. Not God's gift to dueling, but it does the best it can like the Little Engine That Could, only with card games! But not on motorcycles. It's in the Bible, you know. One of the Eight Deadly Sins.

Card games on motorcycles.\


  • 19th May 10
I dunno, I myself was rather fond of the card games on motorcycles thing. It meant you could imagine your least favorite characters CRASHING AND DYING. Ahem.

Are you watching the dub? I hate to start a flamewar (which tends to happen whenever this issue is brought up) but the sub is quite a bit more interesting.
  • Anaheyla
  • 19th May 10
I watched the dub for up to S3, then I switched to the subs for the next few episodes before just giving up.
  • Demongodofchaos
  • 7th Jun 10
Yes, the sub is more interesting. In fact, The Cardgames on motorcycles was done because Kazuki Takahashi's Favorite vehicles are motorcycles.
  • 9th Sep 10
The complaints you're making only really exists on the dub because 4kids suck ass at dubbing. There are comparison videos at youtube and they're not only horrible at explaining but also replace interesting dialogoue with poor jokes.
  • 10th Sep 10
If the original sucks, you can't really blame it on dubs.

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