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Reviews Comments: Future Trollfic writers could learn from this one One Less Lonely Gurl fanfic review by Twoey Pie

I'm not going to lie; when I first read this fanfic back when it was only three chapters long and had all of the horrible spelling and grammar errors, I thought it was just going to be another bad attempt at a Spongebob trollfic (which is still surprisingly common for whatever reason). I had no idea it would become so infamous until I went back and read all of the (then-new) chapters of it where, while the spelling and grammar had been greatly improved (which wasn't saying much), it still seemed to be a confusing and canon-wrecking mess featuring a blatant Mary Sue as the main character. The author's notes concerning the people who were flaming the fic as well as hatred towards those with different opinions only made me feel worse about it. I try not to really hate people, especially people who just write things on the web, but somehow "Monica" had quickly made me hate her.

Like many other people, I left a review for OLLG, and it was without a doubt the longest review I'd ever given any fanfiction before (right up to and a little past the character limit, actually). I don't recall ever being so angry at a fanfic writer before, but somehow that did it. At that point, I wasn't entirely sure anymore if the author really was a troll or not since the spelling and grammar had improved so much since the beginning, but when I wrote that review, I didn't care; I had enough. Of course, after I got the news that "Monica" really was a troll (and a guy), I was quite relieved, but I also felt rather guilty for being so harsh on her, er, him, and the story.

I've often found that certain trollfics can be fun to read if I ever need a good laugh at something, but it's not often I come across a trollfic where so many people have questioned whether or not it really was one or not since it defies so much canon and yet somehow it's not that poorly-written spelling-wise or grammar-wise (not counting the first few chapters, that is). If anyone ever wants to try to write a trollfic without bad spelling or grammar that will still seriously confuse people over whether or not they're serious about it, I think they should try looking at this one.


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