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Weirdest. Episode. Ever.
As we all know, The Simpsons quite often switches between satirical humor and zany humor, but for the weirdest humor, I nominate the episode "Smoke on the Daughter." It started off normally (for a Simpsons episode, that is), but towards the end, it got pretty bizarre. I thought the ballerinas' cigarettes had tobacco, not Mary Jane. Of course, to be fair, there's one line that I have to admit is funny because of its weirdness: "I hope Sleeping Beauty never wakes up." Boy that would be one awkward conversation to have on a date.

"Hey, Aurora, I got to be honest. A small part of me...sort of wishes that you never woke up from your magical sleep."
"You bastard!" (Armor Piercing Slap)

Overall, I'd give the episode a C+. The ending was, like I said, kind of out there, but for the rest, at least they tried.
The episode did feature Homer being more father-like than usual in the past few (or many) seasons, which I thought was an interesting contribution, especially in contrast to the overall oddness.
comment #20738 KingOfTheMimeSwing 19th Aug 13
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