Reviews Comments: Why did I used to hate this show?

Why did I used to hate this show?
The answer: Complaining About Shows You Dont Watch. Hate to admit it, but in this case it was true. Now that I've begun at the beginning I'm very much enjoying myself. I've never really been big on medical drama before, but seeing this show, a unique Sherlock Holmes twist with heavy doses of Black Comedy, I am definitely counting House among my favorites now. Seriously, if your show manages to scare a mother into thinking she might have to buy a coffin only for House to unexpectedly say it's just a cold and nothing more, and you don't explode with laughter as a result, you're doing something wrong.


I like it because it's the only serious fictional medical series that I know of where medicine it's not just an excuse for another relationship show. I'm looking at you Gray's Anatomy.
comment #18478 marcellX 12th Mar 13

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