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Reviews Comments: End of Eva: Let's hope it really is the end, for once and for all. Neon Genesis Evangelion episode/issue review by Propane Nightmare

I really enjoyed the first half (or should I say episode? Since it's two episodes compressed to feature length) of End of Eva. It was action packed and for a while, it seemed as if we were going to get the finale we deserved. It was disturbing, badass and emotional. But... Come the second half, I found myself bored, constantly checking my phone. I watched but my cousins spent the majority of it doing something else, probably to make it go faster (can't blame them), which says a lot.

If you asked me if I was an Eva fan, my response would be somewhat wishy-washy. It's a good brainless action show, problem is it tries way too hard to be something more. I enjoyed the characters and the action but the faux-philosophies ruined the enjoyment. And End of Eva pretty much sums up what I think about this show. It's a brainless action show disguised as philosophy 101.

Like I said, the first episode of End of Eva kept me interested, with its tight pace and blistering action. Sure Shinji spent the majority if it being angst as all Hell, but he still managed to kick some arse even.

Problem is, by the second half, we're in his head for most of the film, with mostly backpedaling and instrumentality scenes that are about as interesting as your grandfather's war stories. Throw in just plain boring and pretentious crap about the "primordial soup of life" and an ending that, well, makes no sense, and you've got a boring finale that is not only style over substance but also answers no questions and exists to sympathy bait the fans who hated 24 and 25.

Simply enough, you don't like the last two episodes of the show, stay away, because this is more of the same. At the end, when Asuka says, "How disgusting", I couldn't help but nod my head in agreement.


  • Muphrid
  • 4th Mar 13
Well, I think you observed correctly that—rightly or wrongly—Anno wasn't trying to make a "brainless" action show. He wanted to do some stuff with psychology. Perhaps End of Eva is just the point where a lot of that psychology gets shoehorned in rather than stemming naturally from the story. After all, a kid being traumatized by having to pilot a weapon of death is one thing, but facing the total Tangification of humanity is a bit further removed from reality, isn't it.
  • MrMallard
  • 6th Mar 13
Ehh, to each their own. That second half was my bread and butter as a kid.

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