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Reviews Comments: Warning, advertising is misleading, but still pretty fun Real Life whole series review by Electric Nova

It's supposedly free to play, but there are so many microtransactions that it costs a fortune. I mean, you even have to pay for food! This is an unacceptable business model.

And the gameplay isn't even that exciting most of the time. even with the advanced AI systems. Enemies can attack you for no reason and NPC's get annoyed at you when you don't say "hello" to them whenever you pass them, which requires manually typing out the message. Nuclear weapons are overpowered and have not been play tested at all! you can destroy entire areas of the gameworld with them. .

However the graphics are rather nice. Scenery Porn is rife. The story is not really worth following either, as it is very easy to lose track of what's going on in so many different levels at once. Also, there is NO background music! i don't care if it's supposed to be postmodern or something, where the hell is the music? Oh... well technically there is. But you have to purchase something called a "CD" for some reason, and that costs even more money! Some of the music is great though, like Pink Floyd.

The social links system is also incredibly glitchy. It's impossible to hook up with girls unless your stats are incredibly high. And They always refuse,even if you invite them out for drinks. Same goes for Female players who try to chat up men, if they're not Summer Glau they have no freaking chance. What sucks even more is that some players only pursue this part of the game so that they can unlock a minigame. This minigame seems to involve making physical contact with one's love interest. sounds creepy. But once you can get past the glitchy mechanics the relationship system is actually one of the best parts of the game, just wish it were easier.

That brings me onto another point. Female players have to play on a harder difficulty setting for some reason, the game calls it "sexism". Dunno what that means, but it sounds bad. The developers have been gradually easing the difficulty though.

However, despite everything i've said sounding negative, I still find it kinda fun and the developers have been adding so many new updates for a long time now! It's hard to not feel optimistic for this game's future. There's nothing else like it on the market. Which is kind of a monopoly.....

I just hope they reduce the microtransactions.


  • kay4today
  • 27th Feb 13
What if I upgrade my pocket-picking skills?!
  • ElectricNova
  • 20th Sep 13
updated review a lot after some more experience playing.
  • porschelemans
  • 26th Sep 13
You might want to correct the formatting where you wrote {Completely Missing the Point sounds creepy} to say [[CompletelyMissingThePoint sounds creepy]]. Otherwise, that was the funniest thing I read all day.

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