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Reviews Comments: Gotta get that mask The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask arc review by Emolsifier

Majora's Mask is a game with quite a lot of polish to it. Majora's Mask has been described as dark and gloomy. I don't have that opinion for I began playing the game when I was still close to 10 years of age. I plain and simple didn't get the dark tones of the game. It was just a good game to me and it still is.

The set up of the game was a 3 day loop which gave you just enough time to get whatever you needed done done. I generally liked the loop. The change it brings with each passing day that gets repeated brings with it a sense of familiarity and you begin to remember things. I didn't notice that it rained on the second day of the loop until I did. It's those small details that really bring out the game.

Then there are the many masks. Imagine going through the game and attempting to collect each mask without the assistance of gamefaqs or a guide. It's not impossible but you're bound to be stuck along the way. Some masks are just plain worth the effort. Others are more for bragging rights. Then there are the needed ones. I liked most of the masks, some I didn't because they weren't useful.

The dungeons are next. It really wouldn't be a Zelda game without a good hearty dungeon. After attempting a number of side quests the dungeons will seem almost restful. It's just a simple task of go in there and kick the monsters butt. That's where the beauty of Majora's Mask comes in. It's a game with such a good balance of difficulty in the optional activities and the mandatory ones.

The story to me was a good was really hands off. Most of my play sessions I forgot there was a story until tatl would remind me. A simple story of a guy missing his friends and wanting them back but going about it in the wrong way. The game essentially boils down to you having to stop him from messing up the whole world in his attempt at reunion with his friends.

This game was one to remember. I put it on par with the rest of the zeldas. It's got the good gameplay, fitting graphical style and necessary familiarity to it that makes it a Zelda title. I recommend this tittle wholeheartedly.


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