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Reviews Comments: It isn't terrible Aliens Colonial Marines game review by Blueshark

Warning Spoilers

The Bad:

Loads of graphical errors, once saw a floating alien corpse, lots of pop-up, obvious way to hide loading screens is obvious with the doors, certain characters were instantly unlikable, is it supposed to be the same ship from Prometheus, because I saw Fifield's scanners, Mercs feel like they are there so someone will shoot at you, why is The Crusher only fought once, reuse of areas from the films feels kind of lazy, Disappointing Last Level, Anti Climax Boss, certain sound effects seem off, and really bad lip syncing.

The Good:

No game breaking bugs that I encountered, I do enjoy they way you carry all weapons you collect, Co-Op is fun, some frightening moments, The Crusher and The Raven were cool, liked some of the weapons, and blowing away Aliens is nice.


Rent and if you like, wait for the price to go down alot.


  • gameragodzilla
  • 15th Feb 13
I actually thought the reuse of areas was awesome, especially since the devs put a ton of effort into making sure every detail is correct.

Don't really disagree with anything else, though. Hopefully, most of these technical details can be patched later.

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