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Reviews Comments: You'll Scream With Laughter Hotel Transylvania film/book review by Skylite

I am not really a fan of Adam Sandler — the only films of his I find tolerable are 50 First Dates, Click and Reign Over Me. And that kept me away from this movie when it hit theaters, because I've seen Eight Crazy Nights and that was his attempt at a family comedy. Eeew.

But then I heard, well after, that this film was directed by the great Genndy Tartakovsky, and that raised my determination level right past the dislike for the star.

I'm thrilled to report I was wrong.

What begins as a wacky screwball comedy that you know is going to take some wrong turns, turns out to have a surprising heart and a beautiful couple of Aesops about trust, and not letting one experience define everything you think.

The Dance Party Ending is a bit too Dream Works, but forgiveable. The art and the clear influences of Looney Tunes and Mad Monster Party make it worth putting up with the few places where the film falters.


  • kyun
  • 4th Feb 13
Eight Crazy Nights wasn't your cup of tea because Sandler had everything to do with that movie! But in HT, he only provided a voice and offered his wife and daughter a role. That seems to compliment him better.

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