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Reviews Comments: Sloppy *SPOILERS* Dm C Devil May Cry game review by Very Melon

Writing: Dante is unlikable for the most part and stays that way. Kat is bland and her backstory incredibly uninteresting. Vergil is more about control than power this time around, but then the game tries to sell he and Dante as good brothers and fall short. Sparda and Eva's backstory being less than half written and lazily glossed over. Dante's character development having absolutely no pacing to it and just suddenly happening, multiple scenes that add nothing to the story, at all. (No build-up and no follow up, it just happens and is promptly forgotten, at the most it MAY get a single other mention.) The Final Boss fight with Vergil had absolutely no reason whatsoever to actually happen and pretty much any emotional value the scene would have had is promptly ruined by the a for mentioned lack of convincing brotherly growth.

Graphics: Good to look at. Decent for it's generation.

Gameplay: The gameplay has been really simplified so that anyone can pull of combos but this means that the combos do not require skill and therefore are not satisfying or worth bragging. The enemy AI has been severely dumbed down so that they stand idly for 10 seconds and telegraph their attacks 2 to 3 seconds earlier. Weapons are imbalanced, some are too weak while others too powerful. Many weapons and moves are never needed throughout the game and a player has no reason to invest time in them. Style ranking system is broken and can be exploited easily to reach SSS ranking within 3 attacks.

Overall: 6/10. A mediocre title on it's own and really disappointing compared to it's predecessor series. I would only "recommend" this game for anyone who never liked the originals Devil May Cry titles. Thanks for reading my review.


  • yecasux
  • 23rd Jan 13
Just curious, do the harder difficulties make the game more challenging, or is it just as easy ?
  • Mightymoose101
  • 23rd Jan 13
It's just a bog standard "Give enemies more health/damage, with a few monsters being swapped with lategame variations" modifier. AI's still fairly bad and non-aggressive, combos are still ridiculously easy to pull off, and air combat is still ridiculously broken.
  • yecasux
  • 24th Jan 13
Sounds tedious. Thanks
  • Gborr
  • 27th Jan 13
Well, isn't pulling off huge combos is kind of the point of the game? For me the DMC franchise was always about empowering the player, allowing them to do crazy awesome combos and fight with style, so when I see your argument, all I can hear is "Yes, this game still does the same as before, but it is different because now you don't need to have fourteen fingers to play efficiently and I can no longer show off how überawesomesauce I am in front of others.". I don1t know where the hell this mentality is coming from, but accessibility and being able to have fun with a game by doing awesome combos off the bat is NOT a bad thing.
  • Mightymoose101
  • 31st Jan 13
It is if you actually want a modicum of challenge in your gameplay experience. Part of what made being stylish so satisfying was that it was hard to pull off, that you actually had to learn your combos and figure out your enemy's weakpoints and strengths. Making it easier to pull off may make it more accessible, but making it more accessible trivializes the entire experience and removes alot of replayability.

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