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Reviews Comments: From great and fun to- Lesser fun but still Great Adventure Time whole series review by Jellyfish Radios

One thing that I've always liked about Adventure Time is that it managed to be surreal in an upbeat, friendly, and funny in the kind of way way that made it fun to watch because you weren't supposed to take it seriously, and you couldn't if you tried. But that was in the beginning; now the show has just gotten a little too plot heavy. It still has the surreal whimsy, but it's just become less funny and fun. Although, I'm not saying I don't like the new plots: the writing is surprisingly incredible and I love the hidden depth of it all, I just wish there was more humor involved and occasionally the lighter plot episode like there used to be.

And I don't like how serious Finn is now, he's become too angsty and mature. I guess they had to do that since Real Life Writes The Plot and his actor sounds much older now, but still.


  • JellyfishRadios
  • 21st Jan 13
I pretty much changed my mind about all of this right after I wrote it, how do you delete reviews?
  • doctrainAUM
  • 21st Jan 13
Probably just better to state your change of mind in the comments.

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