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Reviews Comments: My favorite webcomic... Questionable Content whole series review by Dark Literati

...and for good reason!

I'm really not one who's into indie music or the snobbery it's typically associated with. But I really have to credit Jeph Jacques' delightful comedic miscreation for introducing me to the wonders of Arcade Fire. Okay, so that may not really count much for "indie cred" (and yes, the characters of this comic do bring up that subject, among many others), but it's a start. (Though I do have an idea that perhaps Arcade Fire's recent mainstream success may have caused them to fall out of Jacques' favor somewhat - notice that their first album Funeral made his annual Top 10 list, but Neon Bible and The Suburbs had no such luck. For shame.)

The show's heavy use of sharp wit among wackadoo twenty-somethings would usually turn me off, too - particularly since I tend to associate that sort of humor with the sort of comedies I hate, like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Happy Endings. But then this comic has some things none of those awful shows have - one of which is, as the main page puts it, "cute lil' robot sidekicks." Though some of them might take offense to that description (PT 410 X just raised his hand.) Not to mention, the humor often resides in non-sequiturs, Monty Python-style. I cite: Yelling Bird. Randy. The use of weird swears (and combinations of swears) that have now been entered into my repertoire, like "What the hell ass balls?!" ROCKET ROOMBA! And of course, Jacques' awesome t-shirt designs. My favorite is "Defeat Awkwardness With Maximum Ridiculosity."

Oh, and the surprising amount of sweetly sick Nightmare Fuel only adds to the appeal - at least for me. I don't know why, but it tends to be less Nightmare Fuel and more CMoF.

In short, this comic may be made by someone who subscribes strongly to the dreaded Its Popular Now It Sucks theory, but hopefully soon this show will actually be as popular as it deserves (meaning, as popular as, say, The Big Bang Theory.)


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