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Reviews Comments: It was not very good Neon Genesis Evangelion season review by Cider

Reading that this show faithfully depicted Biblical content in contrast to shows that get mythology and religion confusingly wrong attracted me to it. I found I was attracted by lies and quit watching pretty quickly but returned to finish twenty six episodes and the End Of movie to confirm something I read more recently on this website; that this was a revolutionary deconstruction regarded as one of the best animated series ever.

Having seen as much as I have now, I still cannot say that it is very good. The protagonist's behavior, situation and perspective are fairly unique among the stories I know, the angel designs seem very creative to me and the fight scenes are genuinely interesting but setting and plot I cannot say much for. The timeline is questionable, the chosen locations are kind of dumb, too many scenes are unnecessarily stretched out, the internal monologs are repetitive and otherwise sympathetic characters are too irrational in their interactions. It is not just expected character flaws, most times even if the audience could believe a character was correct their arguments are so irrational it is unbelievable anyone in the show would agree. The angels carry out their attacks in highly inept manners too.

Almost every focus character gets to do something cool and the start of the opening theme is catchy at least but much could have been done better. The fan service is obnoxious and related to the issue of unnecessarily stretched scenes. For the claims of deconstruction it seems to treat giant robots in an oddly positive way compared to other vehicles, even the robots of the 'enemy'. It brings up problems of untrained, poorly supervised child soldiers but does not seem to condemn the cast much for its treatment of them or offer a better alternative they could have taken. Even if the angels were not malicious and the whole fight was a waste it still would do little to deconstruct other shows.

Nothing seems particularly hard too reconstruct if it would even need to be in order to take big robots or anything seriously after watching this. Neon Genesis Evangelion has merits and its influence on many other works is obvious but I have little admiration for it. I cannot deny its historical significance in the entertainment industry but I can say it was not very good.


  • Muphrid
  • 4th Jan 13
Faithful depiction of Biblical content? Who on earth told you that?
  • MrMallard
  • 4th Jan 13
I agree. Your source was messing with your, they must have been :P

I have to say, for someone who dove in expecting real, faithful Biblical symbolism, your review is somewhat pleasant. After that first paragraph, I was expecting all sorts of abuse īn the name of God"etc., but you kept your head, and I appreciate that.

There's just one part that bothers me: Unless you're referring to the plugsuits, or the naked Rei/Lillith, or the scenes with Shinji and Rei/Lillith in those suggestive positions, there's not too much fanservice. Eventually, the plugsuits just become plugsuits and you stop noticing the appeal. Giant Rei/Lillith was more disturbing than erotic. The scenes with Rei and Shinji weren't really that erotic; I sure didn't think of it like that. In the end, the only "fanservice" I would consider blatant would be Misato in her tanktop and cutoff jeans.

Again, thank you for keeping a level head and explaining exactly what you disliked in the show, instead of taking the low road and shouting about how fake the series is and how you can't see how it became such a hit. It really is refreshing in this show's Review section.
  • Cider
  • 5th Jan 13
I am guess then it is not bad form to comment on your own reviews? It was admittedly on the internet that I read the erroneous knowledge, I want to blame electric ferret or my favorite games but really cannot remember where.

Anyway, by experience I know even nudity is not noted by some so I don't really know how to elaborate without sounding prudish but at the start this lady puts her ass in the camera view for some reason and then promises more of it in about five "next episode" blurbs. By then I was anticipating new "angels" and more details about second impact Earth. It felt silly to think asses were so important. The "pervert" jokes reoccurred too often to my tastes, the characters could have interacted better and it just felt like padding. #3's skirt, she will kill Shinji for it! Now where were they going again?
  • kay4today
  • 6th Jan 13
I definitely agree that the Fanservice was obnoxious.

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