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Reviews Comments: PLEASEEEEE Cancel this show Family Guy whole series review by Ms CC 93

If you compare the old seasons to the new seasons of Family Guy, the changes are obvious.

Family Guy used to be a funny show and the characters were likable.

Peter was a jerk, but at least he loved his wife and kids. Lois was a loving mother and wife, Meg was just a teenage girl just like how Chris was a teenage guy. Brian used to be the Only Sane Man and Stewie used to spout out catch phrases and used to be evil.

As for the new seasons, it's unfunny and painful to watch. The show has now become more mean-spirited towards characters like Meg, Joe, and (sometimes) Brian and Cleveland (before he moved). The characters have either been flanderized into jerks, homosexuals, and psychos. Don't get me started with the rape, sex, bullying, homophobic, and sexist jokes.

I think the show should have remained cancelled.


  • MrMouse
  • 30th Dec 12
This show is very polarizing (to me, at least).

There are times when the humor displays incredible intelligence, or at least witty and clever, but I often have to sludge through 20 min of cheap jokes and extreme attempts to be offensive to find it.
  • protomanx
  • 31st Dec 12
I second the title.
  • MsCC93
  • 31st Dec 12
The show just isn't funny anymore. Some of the jokes take like 60 seconds to three minutes, taking up most of the time for the show. The only thing god about the show are the fighting scenes and (some) of the musical numbers.
  • Mr.Movie
  • 8th Jun 14
^ Musical numbers?
  • Pannic
  • 9th Jun 14
Yeah, Seth Mc Farlane loves musicals, so sometimes they'll take a song he likes (like "Shipoopi" or "As Someday It May Happen") and use it in the show.
  • novanious
  • 1st Aug 14
There are moments when the show is genuinely funny. Those, however, are very few and far between (I've only seen 2 genuinely funny parts in my history of watching just about every post-cancel Family Guy episode). The characters are indeed horrible, each of them has been flanderized from somewhat unique and funny characters (though I never really saw how Stewie was ever a good character in any way, I'm just not a black comedy-type guy). Every joke is one of three types: flashback, gross out, or black comedy (taking shots at one certain stereotypes).

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