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Reviews Comments: "Just because you don't understand something, doesn't mean it isn't awesome" Elementary whole series review by Sweetx Secret

Speaking as an outsider to the Sherlock Holmes fandom, I'm probably not the best person to review this show, but I'll give you my two cents based on what I've seen so far.

The plot for several of these episodes are pretty boring, but what really makes up for that are the characters.

The dynamic between Holmes and Watson is refreshing to see. Most adaptations portray Sherlock as extremely intelligent, but lacks emotion and empathy, while Watson just fawns over Sherlock's brilliance as a sidekick. But it's not like that in Elementary

Sherlock doesn't just solve cases for his own amusement, he cares about the victims in these cases. While he is better at deducing people than interacting with them, and can be insensitive and cruel, he is FAR from being a cold-hearted man.

Joan is NOT the bumbling trusty sidekick who fawns over Sherlock She calls out on Sherlock's behavior and questions him. She's also a very intelligent- both medically and emotionally and is helpful in several of these cases.

Overall, this is a great Retool- esp. in character development, and CAN stand on it's own as well as the hundreds of other adaptations of Sherlock Holmes.

Extra note: Just watch the title sequence


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