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Reviews Comments: The Angels Didn't Take Manhattan Very Well, Did They? Doctor Who episode/issue review by ecopper 12

So, Amy and Rory are gone, and to avoid spoilers, that's all I'll say on the matter of their departure. It's not very easy for me to decide whether I like this episode or not, so I'll just make my problems known and then make my final judgement.

First, some real-world annoyances:

1. No, Lady Liberty CANNOT be an angel. Angels are made of stone, yes? Lady Liberty is not. She is made of Copper, and honestly, I'm not willing to overlook this on the grounds that "it's a TV show". Why? Because you made her an angel...That didn't do a damn thing. Either get your facts straight, or make her have a purpose.

2. I don't know, man. I'd really like to think that someone would notice a giant national landmark stomping through New York. Again, I don't know. Maybe New Yorkers are just notoriously unobservant and no one told me.

3. Baby Angels? Okay. Make what is arguably the most creepy thing in Doctor Who creepier for no reason. For that matter, why add all these new Angels designs if they aren't going to play out? Moffat...Stop starting plots you can't close.

4. Build up the entire episode to how they'll go, then send them off in two minutes. Right...Right. Because the companions that have been with Eleven for his entire run so far deserved it. Oh wait...They didn't.

5. This is more of a season-wide issue, but...Stop padding the episodes. It seems like all of Series 7 so far builds up the problem for the entire episode, then resolves it in two, maybe three minutes. Perfect example? The Power of Three. What was accomplished? The Doctor did something fairly simple compared to his previous feats, and the problem was drawn out across the entire episode. What's worse? The Doctor was stumped. And then he wasn't.


No, I've made up my mind. Series 7 is off to an abysmal start, save for a few moments. I hope it gets better...I really, truly do.


  • fenrisulfur
  • 1st Nov 12
I saw the statue of liberty thing, and just laughed my butt off. They aren't scary anymore to me.
  • JamesPicard
  • 29th Dec 12
Yeah, this was just ridiculous. And that's not even mentioning the fact that Steven Moffat has no consistency with the rules of time travel and paradoxes, made most glaring in this episode with the book completely contradicting previous statements. Also, he seems to not even have any idea how HE'S written River Song. "Vulnerable side she keeps hidden", yeah, it was real hidden when she admitted she was scared about what will happen when the Doctor finds out who she is. I'll be fair though, Amy at least got a good departure, but Rory was ripped off. By sheer coincidence, he gets killed. Also, why is the Angel even there? Shouldn't they have been destroyed with the hotel, or what? Really, all this series has shown is that Moffat no longer has any idea what he's doing.
  • emmens
  • 16th Jun 13
That's the one thing I wish to have explained. How does the statue of liberty count as an Angel when it's less a statue and more a sculpture made from copper? And second how the hell did it make it all the way across new york in such a quick amount of time with out getting seen?
  • ElectricNova
  • 17th Jun 13
The statue of liberty complaint is less a plot issue and more people just being anal. I agree that it was a bit disapointing in it's use in the episode, but who really cares that it's made of copper and that it would be hard for no one to see it? It's supposed to be a fun set-piece, and isn't really the part of the episode that is the most important. But most reviews focus on this one issues.

This review doesn't discuss the rest of the episode. The time travel, the character departures, dialogue, setting, consistency, characterisation? Not even touched on. I don't care if you give it a positive review or not,but just at least focus your review on the things that actually matter?

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