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Reviews Comments: Why people hate remakes Day Of The Dead 2008 film/book review by chitoryu 12

I decided to check out the remake of this film, being an actor in a recent zombie film myself. Hoo boy, what a mistake I made.

This film was LAUGHABLY bad. Almost no likable characters, some crappy acting and writing, odd decisions that are never fully explained (like Sarah keeping her handgun unloaded for a "complicated" reason, but still carrying it and drawing it when clearing a house), poor editing and camerawork, CGI that is honestly worse than what some first year students put on Youtube (a moment with a car crashing and flipping a zombie out the sunroof actually made me laugh out loud), and atrocious and unsafe firearms handling all across the board that makes it very apparent that not a single person was given any training in handling their weapons.

Nothing is consistent: a character who responds to a zombie climbing on a desk by literally kicking the desk hard enough to flip it across the room finds herself unable to swing a floor lamp at any appreciable speed and responds to being grabbed by flailing and weakly kicking. Zombies can either crawl across the ceiling at an impossible fast rate and drop faster than the pull of gravity or are restricted to a light jog. Skinny young men can punch through walls when turned, but zombified Ving Rhames can't even pull a small woman out of an air vent.

I should also mention that to represent the zombies' superhuman speed, they simply sped up all of their motions in post production in a manner that resembles a slapstick comedy from the 1920s. It's played completely seriously.

There's a scant few positives. Stark Sands isn't bad as Bud, the characters aren't 100% dumb, and there's some honestly good choreography for some of the fight scenes (most prominently the fight in the hospital parking lot). But that's all I can think of right now.

This movie is a joke. It clearly had a high budget and they could even fly out to Bulgaria for filming, but it's amateurish. It's a film that you pull out of the dollar bin at Best Buy. It's a bunch of teenagers who make backyard home movies being given $25 million to make a zombie movie.


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