Reviews Comments: Rise Of The Turtles -or- For The Love Of God Michaelangelo Shut The Hell Up

Rise Of The Turtles -or- For The Love Of God Michaelangelo Shut The Hell Up
So the new Turtles series has debuted, and optimists are few in the sea of rabid fans denouncing change. But this reviewer is no elitist, and he's going to share his experience on the episode alone.

As it should, the pilot serves as intro to the ninja turtles, and meet mainstay characters like April O Niel and Master Splinter, the android-piloting Krangs and The Shredder. The plot involves our heroes, fresh from training, preparing for their up-and-coming adventures whilst showing snippets of backstory, one of which stumbles into the present courtesy of the infamous can of mutagen.

Whilst these elements are essential to turtles lore, the show unfortunately decides to borrow from other cliches. IE April (now a teenager) witnesses her father being kidnapped by a mysterious organization, and the turtles vow to save him. This a common writing tool that gives her cause but eliminates the need to write for an authority figure. Slapstick and manga sight-gags are heavily presented, and needless to say are of the YMMV variety.

So lets talk about our heroes. There's budding leader Leonardo, geek Donatello, hot-head Raphael, and Michaelangelo.

Dear FREAKIN GOD, Michaelangelo.

This annoying incarnation goes beyond having an irritating voice. There is hardly a moment where this ungodly combo of Flanderization Turned Up To Eleven WON'T crack some unfunny joke or slapstick gag that goes on for too long and ends up with his brothers groaning at the stupidity they just endured. Every single joke halts the episode so that the viewer can take in every wacky second, utterly demolishing the episode's pacing and flow.

Small comfort comes in the form of Rob Paulsen, voice of classic Raphael. His deadpan snarkiness is present, recalling old memories from this classic turtles fan, and though there is a massive disconnect hearing it come from DONATELLO, he does do a fine job. Leonardo and Raphael have your standard no-nonsense leader/tough guy voices respectively, and don't stand out too much from the rest of the cast (though that may be a good thing).

The show can go anywhere from here; it might even become one of the best TMNT shows in existence, but cliched writing, over-reliance on stupid humor and horrendous pacing has turned me off from caring in a way few Tv shows have ever done.

Comments is this Mic different from every other Mic (save 2003, because the only person allowed to be funny was Casey in that show).
comment #16386 fenrisulfur 5th Oct 12
I knew this was going to be asked (it was originally going to be adressed in the review).

The difference is that in most any incarnation, Mikey's character exists firstly to break any uneeded tension, and his comedy was used sparingly. That includes the 1987 show (Raphael made FAR more jokes than Mikey ever did then). And like you said, he wasn't allowed to in the 2003 version.

I'm not stretching anything in my description of him here; I meant EXACTLY what I wrote. All of his jokes are of the HERPDERP slapstick variety, come EVERY few seconds, go on for far too long (it seriously halts any momentum the story is building up), and result in the same reaction from everyone around him. Nobody finds it funny, yet it continuously happens. And I mean CONTINUOUSLY.

If there is a Flanderized Mikey, this version is it. No B Sing.
comment #16388 MrMouse 5th Oct 12
Well, I liked it. But then, I like a lot of stuff most people don't. And Mikey wasn't originally the "funny, break the tension" guy. He was a cat lover, artist and author. The funny was in addition to all that, and he was the character that most people could relate to. I think. I haven't seen many of the original comics, so I'm going by what I know.

Donny always has been, and always will be, my favorite however. With Raph at a close second.
comment #16389 Tanglemorph 5th Oct 12
Cat loving and artistry is just fluff though. Like Leo's serious-business leadership and Ralph's tendencies towards anger, The funny is what defines Mikey, and is what he'll probably always be known for.
comment #16391 MrMouse 5th Oct 12
Yeah but his goofiness in both the 1987's and 2003's version was nowhere near as obnoxious, or at least that's the point I think she's trying to argue.
comment #16399 qtjinla15 6th Oct 12
  • scratches head*

I thought that's what I was trying to argue.
comment #16400 MrMouse 6th Oct 12
Well, I got it at least.
comment #16404 qtjinla15 6th Oct 12
Besides 2003 could get bad-ass like in those Battle Nexus episodes.
comment #16405 qtjinla15 6th Oct 12
Aww, I really like Michelangelo in the pilot. You seriously didn't like this line?:

M: You'd think he'd turn into a snake. R: Yeah, If you're an idiot! M: But his name is Snake, so he should of been a giant snake. R: How does that make sense? M: You just don't understand science.

And I think your assumption of why April's dad was captured is wrong. April is still has an authority figure. She says she's living with her Aunt, and we know later on, she's going to be living with Splinter in the turtles. Also, if they wanted to get rid of an authority figure, wouldn't they just keep her as an adult?

And I think Rob Paulsen's voice fits Donnie better. He did an incredible job with Raph in the 80's series, but let's face it, that was not Raphael.
comment #16407 noitsnot 6th Oct 12
That line would've been fine at "You'd think he'd turn into a snake." Short, sweet, gets the joke across. The writers don't need to stop the episode, treat the audience like idiots and kill the joke by explaining it.

Whether its the aunt or the turtles, I feel the farthest they'll go as authority figures is the "its too dangerous" scenario. Not as deep as an actual father-daughter relationship. As for the age, I dunno. To appeal to the demographic and/or make the shipping with the turtles a little less squick?

Rob Paulsen was fine as Donatello, I'm just simply used to him as Raphael.
comment #16408 MrMouse 6th Oct 12
(About the Mikey joke)That last line was the punchline. If they kept it at "You'd think he'd turn into a snake." it wouldn't have been as funny.

(About April)You're right there. See the entire purpose of April's character is to provide a human perspective. If the demographic is going to be young teens, it makes sense for her to be the same age.

(About Rob Paulsen)I understand that.

Thanks for responding!

comment #16482 noitsnot 14th Oct 12
I think it would've been alright. We could've gone on without 2 lines of padding and one line of Raph being a little bi - er, jerk.

I'm just hope they don't make the mistake of turning April's role into nothing but bland wish fulfillment, which is something alot of these "your face here" characters turn into.

No prob, 400 word limit is a pain, and I'm glad to elaborate.
comment #16490 MrMouse 15th Oct 12
(Point 1)See, by Mikey saying that he should have been a snake, he's just saying what the audience is thinking(that a person named snake would mutate into one), which is pretty funny. But when Mikey tells Raph that he doesn't understand science it's even more ironic. He thinks that mutating based on one's name makes scientific sense, which means he really doesn't understand science himself.

THAT my friend, is what explaining a joke looks like.

(Point 2) Like a Mary Sue. Nah, I'm sure she'll be fine.

comment #16496 noitsnot 15th Oct 12
If they REALLY needed a follow up, either one of Ralph's comments would've sufficed.

Besides, we don't need to be told that HURDUR MIKEY NO GET SCIENCE GOOD, because thats not what the audience is focused on. It distracts from his original line and, like I said in the review, stops the episode for longer than it needs to.

comment #16497 MrMouse 15th Oct 12
...but Mikey is like, really awesome in this version. much funnier than the previous TMNT shows.
comment #16513 RobbieRotten 16th Oct 12
@Mr Mouse I'm the kind of person who likes lines being said during fight scenes. It makes the characters look cool(they're so good at fighting they can talk during the fight without breaking concentration) and it makes the lines funnier. We're just going to have to agree to disagree on that one.
comment #16514 noitsnot 16th Oct 12
@Robbie Rotten He tries too hard to be funny.

@noitsnot I didn't say I hated banter during action scenes. I even said that the single line "You'd think he'd turn into a snake" was fine on its own. Like I said in my review, since I guess people didn't actually read it, I don't like it when the action is completely halted because the joke just can't end.
comment #16546 MrMouse 18th Oct 12
I read the review. I should rephrase what I said in my last comment. I think we just have different ideas on how long a joke's supposed to go.
comment #16555 noitsnot 18th Oct 12
Honestly what did you expect when you realize it's on Nickolodeon. Mikey's humor isn't designed for adults or teenagers. It's designed for 7 and 10 year olds that will just laugh at anything. So don't expect most of his lines to be remotely funny, and then be happily surprised when you get one. Remember, it's a kid's show with no radar page yet.
comment #16782 crtoonmnky 5th Nov 12
@crtoonmnky You say that like having a radar page makes shows better.
comment #16795 noitsnot 6th Nov 12
Not better. Just has more mature jokes from time to time.
comment #18238 crtoonmnky 17th Feb 13

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