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Reviews Comments: Bland and uninspired Huntik Secrets And Seekers whole series review by Albertosaurus

Childrens' cartoons are a major guilty pleasure for me. I don't watch a ton of them, but especially the more story-driven and action-packed series do usually get a look from me. Gargoyles, Avatar The Last Airbender, Thundercats 2011... love 'em. When I saw a commercial for Huntik, I checked out the TV Tropes page and watched the intro sequence. It seemed right up my alley. Alas, my actual experience was very different. I have only seen the first eight episodes. Fans will probably take me to task for dismissing the series this fast, and if it does get better I might be persuaded to give the show a second chance, but if a show hasn't gripped me after eight episodes, it's probably never going to happen.

This show looks like it was made by very competent people who simply don't really care about it. The animation is good but strangely soulless and devoid of any real life. We are thrown into the story with very little explanation. Some stories go overboard into infodumping, but this show gives us too little background information. The Organization is collecting titans to take over the world... why? For the evulz? Lok discovers that the girl he has a crush on happens to be a member of the Foundation that his father belonged to. Normally, this would be the moment for her to reveal that she has been secretly shadowing him, but apparently it's just a coincidence. Action secenes take the concept "Talking Is A Free Action" to ridiculous extremes, having characters deliver very long monologues before releasing their titans in defense.

The show is also insultingly merchandise driven. I don't necessarily mind this - I really love My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, after all. But whenever a new titan is found, a card flashes on screen and its power is given in actual numbered stats. I've heard there's a card game out there somewhere...

This is not a good show. This show exists because someone wanted to sell a trading card game, because a network had a slot to fill. It doesn't look like anyone involved cares for the actual show.


  • BonsaiForest
  • 19th Sep 12
I watched an episode of it, and hated the characters right away. The woman who showed an obsession with food, the professor-like man who would always say "That would be... [big word goes here]", it just struck me as stupid personality traits. Bland characters with boring "quirks" really turn me off a show.
  • omegafire17
  • 19th Jun 15
'Soulless' is a bit far; this series is very underrated, and it's as excitable as Pokemon, in the adventurous historical sense

If Talking Is a Free Action bothers you at all, this wouldn't change your mind, but what else would you expect? Better to just go with it really

Plus the first episode is an Early Installment Weirdness type; they really grow into their finished personalities several episodes in

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