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Reviews Comments: How a Sideshow Bob episode should be made IRL Death of a Simpson fanfic review by Dommie 222

This fic is like another Sideshow Bob episode but it takes a darker approach by making Sideshow Bob a delusional, schizophrenic, psychotic madman who has lost all his rationality and grace that are so much part of him in the actual series. The fic starts like another Simpsons episode, with Lisa, now 13, is about to start in a new school for gifted students, much to the sixteen year old Bart's envy. This of course ads fuels to the fires of their arguments, which ends with Lisa heartbroken by Bart's one too many cruel jokes. Bob in the meanwhile is planning revenge on Bart but as he thinks deeper into it, he realizes that it was never Bart who defeated him so many times but Lisa who did it. So she becomes his new target and it doesn't takes long before he kidnaps her when she's on her way to school. Now Bart, with Maggie's help, has to save her from Bob's psychotic madness. This fic is how an episode about Sideshow Bob should be made. The insanity he's going through here makes him such a more interesting character as well more terrifying, based on how detailed it's portrayed. Imaging youself if some villain, known for his culturally, high-class upbringing and dignified grace, finally lost it and just throw away all his complex plans in favor to just kidnap you, take you to his lair and planning to do some good old-fashioned torture-murder on you, while acting like he sees his dead former employeer who he hates and killed in a gruesome way years ago. The fact that he goes after Lisa now is a very original idea that makes it possible for new and fresh episodes, which make you wonder why the actual writers havn't thought of it yet. Besides these changes, this fic stays true to the series and its other characters. A pretty good fic that makes Sideshow Bob so much massed up in the head and it work really well in this one. Any Bob fans will definitely love this, and any other Simpsons fan will probably like it as well. The only bad thing is that the climax comes too quickly and there's no real build up to it, which is sad on how much more on Bob's sick mind could has been exploited. But anyway, read it, you'll like it.


  • MrMallard
  • 31st Aug 12
The main problem is that this show is a primetime show, and it has been for many years. If you showed a character go this far off the deep-end before Watergate, there would be an army of MoralGuardians kicking in FOX's door accusing them of damaging their children's minds.

I mean let's face it, there are a fair few children who have grown up with The Simpsons, and there are of course more who are currently growing up with it. If they see a character known for his cool elegance (usually) actually snapping, they'll either be scarred for life or feel the show has truly jumped the shark. Either way, it's bad news.

Still, I feel that Psycho!Bob would make for an interesting fanfic staple.

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