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I enjoy it
Okay, I'm not a Brony. Why? Because I don't go online commenting on the show. I'm still a fan though.

I started watching the show for the memes I heard about, or when my nieces came over. The episode I first watched was "Sonic Rainboom". I liked it, and slowly became attached to the show. The characters are all stereotypes, but they have unique things about them to where they have more traits then just being a walking cliche. Take Rarity for example, at first she seems to be the same type of characters who's obsessed with cloths and latest fashion trend. But really, she's not greedy or overly focused on dresses , she has a generous personality. Their are certain characters that get annoying but they are greatly outnumbered by interesting ones.

The concept of the show is simple: Learn about Friendship and report about it. But theirs nothing wrong with that. Every season finale or first episode has a usually bigger problem then this and lots of times involves a villain. Speaking of which, another thing I like about this show is the antagonists. They actually seem to have personality and motives instead of just being their to be evil.

Unfortunately, the fandom sometimes gets a insulted just for liking the show. This is also one of the reasons I'm not a brony.


"I'm not a brony" "I'm still a fan"


comment #18395 TessHM 6th Mar 13
So your last sentence says you're not a brony because you don't want be insulted like the rest of the fandom does? And then your first says you're not a brony because you don't comment online about the show? Then where do you think this is?
comment #18396 Tuckerscreator 6th Mar 13
One can absolutely be a fan of a work without being a member of that work's fandom.
comment #18397 nrjxll 6th Mar 13
Indeed true, but my bone is with his reasons. For example, I think Fi M is cool, but I wouldn't consider myself a brony because I haven't watched the show's episodes yet, just seen the fanart. His, however, have logic gaps.
comment #18398 Tuckerscreator 6th Mar 13
The definition of "brony" is a bit fuild, after all determining who is a fan and who is a member of a fandom is not an exact scince. So it's up to people to define for themselves where they stand.

That being said i really do offer The Watermelon 100 to give the brony comunity a try, there are a lot of good people in there, and you shouldn't care about some anonimus you will never meat trying to insult you over the internet .
comment #18720 ender1200 2nd Apr 13
Brony is a term from the fandom of My Little Pony Friendship is magic that are males. That again, Watermelon 100 could be a girl....
comment #19201 flamemario12 30th Apr 13
Why was this flagged? There's nothing wrong with this or insulting at all to any side.
comment #19205 terlwyth 30th Apr 13
Probably either butthurt haters or butthurt bronies.

comment #19207 kay4today 30th Apr 13
What exactly constitutes a "brony" is notoriously hard to pin down. It's used by various people to mean anything from "someone who's a fan of the show" to "a fan who's outside the target demographic" all the way over to "people who are obsessed with the show to a disturbing degree". Some people don't consider themselves one because they have a stricter idea of what being a member of the fandom means.
comment #19270 JapaneseTeeth 5th May 13

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