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Reviews Comments: The Wolf Boy 007 Reviews: Brain Scratch Commentaries Brain Scratch Commentaries whole series review by The Wolf Boy 007

As a diversified critic (Aspiring, to be honest...), one thing I'm proud of is my unprofessional approach. The same can be said for my subject today: Brain Scratch Commentaries, a ragtag group of twenty-somethings who each day live to entertain their growing fanbase. And I can honestly say, in my opinion, that they are the best thing to happen to You Tube since Chuggaaconroy. The story goes like this: One day, Nayrman214 (Ryan ) was poking around the Sonic Retro forums looking for a partner to start a commentary group with, fresh off the heels of Hell Fire Commentaries. He pitched the idea to fellow Forum user Solaris Paradox (Lewis), & in return, Solaris pitched the idea to Somecallme Johnny (Johnny, obviously) of the Super Gaming Brothers, a duo of game reviewers with a decent fanbase at the time. It was their banter of video games, movies, and even books in their first commentary over Super Mario Bros. (the All-Stars port) that earned them a damn impressive fanbase that's still growing to this day. Three years of commentaries later, a new fourth member in Exand Shadow (Ted), and the rage-induced insanity only they can do best, they earned themselves a well-deserved You Tube Partnership and nearly 20,000 subscribers. An epic tale that's far from over. Okay, enough backstory, time for Character Analysis! Ryan is the pseudo "Leader" of the group, officiating the commentaries and managing the channel page. He can get pretty dull at times, but when he gets moving, it's almost impossible for him to stop, especially with his Black Humor mixed with knowledge of all things Mega-Man. Lewis is the snarky, deadpan, Sonic the Hedgehog fanboy (Technically, they're all Sonic fanboys, but Lewis most of all). He has a tendency to go off on numerous tangents, but they fit his style of comedy. Johnny is a game reviewer himself, so he can get pretty cynical, but he is fucking hilarious. Out of the four, he's my favorite. Finally, there's Ted, the "Kid." He loves Pokemon, has a pretty biased look on things, and is a nice fit in the group. There are guest commentators as well, affiliates if you will, but to talk about all of them here wouldn't fit the 400 word limit. All in all, these guys deserve way more than they have. It's not all pandering to the fans, it's honest love for what they do. No cheap gimmicks or lousy quality. Great entertainment and quality opinions.


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