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Reviews Comments: Funniest movie of the new millenium! Black Dynamite whole series review by Landstander

No matter your familiarity with blaxploitation movies, Black Dynamite WILL make you laugh your ass off. It's hilariously over the top yet faithful to the look and feel of the movies, right down to the visible boom mike in a bunch of shots and other hilrious special effects failures. This is quickly becoming a cult hit, see it now so you'll know what everyone is talking about when it starts to get quoted ubiquitously!


  • petewarrior
  • 19th Mar 10
Really love this movie, made the Leitmotif my ringtone too.. But I haven't been able to spot the boom mike, can anyone tell me in what scene/timecode it appears?
  • GalahadPC
  • 8th Jun 10
One of them at least was in an early scene where BD's talking with Honeybee. He's in her office swearing to get the money for her hos, and stands up suddenly. After the camera pans up a second too late, you can see the mic damn near stuck in his afro for the rest of the scene. At one point BD quickly glances up at it, as though even the actor's starting to worry that it shouldn't be there!

  • YoungGun2
  • 23rd Oct 11

This movie...just...this movie.

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