Reviews Comments: Couple minor problems

Couple minor problems
Zane and Noah recycled that picture awhile ago and now use the logo (Found here: )

Oh and their first skit was "Don't do Drugz" and I think it was January 1st 2011 they made that as their first video.

And lastly they used a Charlie Manson book in "Bad Babysitter" making him somewhat of an (ongoing gag?) but yeah..



I think this might be the most humorous case of needing to say Repair Dont Respond I've ever had.

The long and short of it is: This is a wiki, Mr. Fan. If you find inaccuracies in a page, edit it. You don't need to ask someone to do it for you.
comment #15529 JackAlsworth 25th Jul 12
Well, Mr. JackAlsworth, that is assuming he even knows how this wiki works.

If you are new here, ZANF, I thank you for your feedback of the article and ask that you may use the discussion page next time.
comment #15712 YodelMaster 8th Aug 12
s/he should at least know what a review is. Though s/he may had knowingly done it to get a quicker result.
comment #15713 marcellX 8th Aug 12
That's still no reason to be criticizing the troper. I prefer to give others TBOTD, especially since this caused no real harm and s/he was otherwise only trying to help.

I could barely understand how this site worked when I first began troping and took me a while to learn. I looked into ZANF's edit history and found nothing, which is probably why s/he just told us what was wrong instead of fixing it her/himself.
comment #15715 YodelMaster 8th Aug 12
I wasn't trying to be critical - although re-reading my post, I was probably overly hostile. For minor edits like the suggested ones, I think it's preferrable that even new tropers just edit the page instead of taking it through the discussion page (which is why I pointed to Repair Dont Respond).

Zane And Noah Fan, if you're reading this, I apologize for my rudeness.
comment #15717 JackAlsworth 9th Aug 12

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