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Reviews Comments: Not Worth Anybody's Time The Spoony Experiment whole series review by Shrikesnest

I initially didn't like Spoony's show because it is clear that he doesn't do multiple takes and very often doesn't actually script what he's going to say, resulting in a lot of college-radio like dead air and clumsiness. He suffers from the amateurishness that a lot of internet reviewers suffer from, where his lack of planning results in him restating the same things over and over again, leaving his reviews an unstructured mess.

But then I found out that, as a fan of Final Fantasy X he advocates my murder. So now a little amateurishness seems like a pretty tame reason to dislike him by comparison. Not only do I dislike his show, I personally dislike him. Understand that I absolutely advocate free speech and would never call to have him banned, but I implore anyone with decent senses of self-respect and proportion to just stop watching him. There are a lot of places to get a good laugh on the internet, especially as concerns video games. There's no reason to give this asshole a single dime of support via advertisement.


  • MFM
  • 19th Jul 12
While I do agree that one statement was... uncomfortable at best, it's pretty obvious it wasn't meant to be taken at face value. And given that your primary reason for disliking him at this point is rather personal, I don't think this qualifies as a review of what he does, but rather him as a person. Such an assessment seems unnecessary to me, since I always try to divide a work and its creator. I'm ambivalent towards Spoony as a person, but enjoy him as a comedian.

...Okay, I'm ambivalent towards his work too, but for reasons unrelated to him as a person. I'd also like to point out that his reviews are far more scripted nowadays. Whether his script writing is good is up for debate, but I think the problem of dead air does not apply as much now.
  • Shrikesnest
  • 19th Jul 12
Kind of a conundrum, isn't it? If I say I dislike Rush Limbaugh and his show because of things he says on his show, am I reviewing the man or the show? If you name your show after yourself and use it to espouse your opinions, is it even possible to review the show without reviewing the person? I'm not soapboxing, here, I genuinely don't know the answers to those questions. I think they're interesting to consider, at least.
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 19th Jul 12
You do him a disservice by italicising it and talking about it the way you did. He clearly doesn't and if he did then he would have been trying to incite riots or whatever instead of dropping it in, in the middle of a review of an old PS 2 RPG.

I understand that you don't think he actually wants you dead either, but your point doesn't stand like that. 'seems like a pretty tame reason to dislike him' 'understand that I absolutely advocate free-speech' 'I personally dislike him' are all statements that in the context only make sense if you really did believe that he was being serious. And it weakens your whole post, because now it gives this the tone of basically, really stupid slander, when (hopefully :D) that wasn't what you were going for at all.

You needed to talk about his abrasiveness, or how his tone was too insulting (as it is the dead thing makes it sound flippant, like Yahtzee on being gay and not an insult at all), or how he seemed to show a lack of respect for people with a difference of opinion, and you'd need to evidence it with more and other things than a dead baby joke without the baby..
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 22nd Jul 12
I dislike Spoony too, but you shouldn't think he was seriously wishing death upon Final Fantasy X fans. It was just a "joke" that was not funny at all. Like alot of other "jokes" he's made.
  • TheChupacabra
  • 24th Jul 12
I'm gonna have to agree with the other posters here especially Tomwithnonumbers. From reading your second paragraph it strikes me that you actually took his joke seriously which honestly is pretty damn funny more so than the actual joke itself. It is kinda sad though that some people here take some of the things he does completely at face value and immediately jump to conclusions.
  • Scardoll
  • 27th Jul 12
The regular reviews aren't full of dead air and are scripted. The V-logs definitely are full of dead air, which is why I've grown to dislike them.

"But then I found out that, as a fan of Final Fantasy X he advocates my murder."

You murdered somebody who likes Final Fantasy X?
  • ergeis
  • 8th Oct 12
My opinion is too short for a stand alone review so I'll say it here. Spoony is one of the reasons that I don't like "angry nerd" humor. I know it's all jokes but he sounds like the type of person who won't shut up about things he doesn't like. It just isn't funny to me.

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