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Reviews Comments: Persepolis 2 (Graphic Novel) Persepolis film/book review by Vocab Word

A slightly unnecessary but touching sequel. Persepolis 2 is good and a must-read if you enjoyed the first Persepolis. But there is just something missing in the sequel. The story is unpleasantly disjointed in parts and the pages aren't very visually interesting, which is pretty problematic in a graphic novel. I don't know much about the historical accuracy etc. of this novel, as I am often wary of memoirs written for western audiences because editors have exploitative tendencies but I can say that this is certainly an enjoyable read.

The first Persepolis is an absolutely stellar graphic novel. I consider it definitive of the genre. Persepolis 2 is merely good.

Review: 4/5


  • terlwyth
  • 17th Jul 12
I dunno what you're talking about,it's Part II that hammers in just how different Iran is from the Western World and how much easier life is,'s here that the political side gets delved into more,...and since Satrapi grows in this section,all sorts of interesting art for herself.

I find that indeed Persepolis was the good one,..and Part II was where it Grew The Beard
  • StevePotter
  • 15th Aug 12
I agree with terlwyth. The art is a lot better at the very least. Also, I'm not sure how it can be "unnecessary" when it's her life story...
  • OzzieScribbler
  • 23rd Mar 13
First of all, a lot of people seem ignorant to the fact that Persepolis book is published differently depending on the region. Two-volume paperback is probably the most popular form, but keep in mind that originally it was written and published as a four-parter. So yeah, talking about a 'sequel' makes no sense, both because the author intended the story to be told in parts and because for some readers there are four volumes, for others just one big graphic novel. Also, like the other commenters, I definitely disagree with the reviewer. While the first half of (completed) Persepolis introduced us to the characters and post-revolution Iran, it's the second one that confronts that setting with Western world while simultaneously showing Marjane's maturing. The 'sequel' serves to show consequences of all things that were started in the 'first' book and is just as good at it. And by no means 'unnecessary'.

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