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Reviews Comments: A Lackluster Second Season Teen Wolf season review by Immortalbear

I really like the first season of Teen Wolf. I liked its characters, the interactions, the conflicts, and atmosphere. When people started getting killed, I liked how the town had a curfew. Its little details like that which are so absent this season.

For one thing so many of the characters have regressed to previous personalities. Allison's dad now hates werewolves again, Derek is a violent vigilante, Lydia remains oblivious to Stiles advances.It makes fans feel like the first season finale was ultimately ignored and stripped to only make new conflicts.

A new monster has appeared and it totally doesn't look like it was ripped from the new Spiderman movie, not. The monster mystery isn't as compelling as the "Who is the Alpha?" was from the previous season. There are only two suspects who could be the Kamina so there was an obvious double fake out. The Kamina is very inconsistent about how powerful as it easily incapacitates any werewolf it touches in one episode but in another he gets taken down in one blow.

If you didn't like the nauseating, sappy romance between Scott and Allison in the previous season, well too bad, it devours their screen time like a malignant cancer . Their relationship is once again star-crossed lovers because it would be perfect otherwise. They can't even think up a viable excuse why they broke up or aspect they find at fault with each other. It's not even that romantic, they are generally too busy trying to eat each other's face, and this climaxes (cringe) with them having sex in the deep, dark woods when they are supposed to be watching an homicidal lizard monster. This is slasher movie victim stupidity.

Also remember the female werewolf that fans were hyped for,well be disappointed as she has little to no point in the story. She suddenly pops into existence with no foreshadowing and we are expected to care as all the characters throw their sympathy to her. Then she gets bitten, and makes a full personality 180 to a sexual predator, humping Scott's leg like she's in heat. It amazes me that television can write complex and mature love triangles with two men but when 2 women are involved its ultimately simplified to the good girl and the slut. What little we see left of her is spent with her screwing up Derek's simplest instructions in a truly Team Rocketesque fashion.

Teen Wolf has lost its bite.


  • prettyreader
  • 16th Jul 12
You're entitled to your own opinion, I just want to point out a few flaws in this review. For one thing, Allison's dad never stopped hating werewolves, it was just an enemy of my enemy situation in the finale. Lydia hasn't been oblivious of Stiles advances since ever, she just chooses to ignore them because she doesn't reciprocate. I mean, they did go to the school dance together in the episode Formality, she must have known Allison was bribing her to go with Stiles for a reason, and it wasn't because Lydia liked him.

Teen Wolf was filmed months ago - way before The Amazing Spider Man even premiered. So I don't know what you're tying to imply here. And when was the Kanima ever taken down in one blow?

The romance between Scott and Allison, while stile heavily evident, has actually toned down since season one. Allison's reason for breaking up with Scott was stated last season - she didn't feel like she could trust him, which, considering all the lying he did to her, is pretty believable. Although yes I do agree the sex in the car while the Kanima escapes was stupid of them.

I don't know what you're talking about when you say all the characters are throwing sympathy at Erica. Yes she complains about being bullied but nobody really seems to try and sympathize with her. Also her transformation from ugly, unnoticed epileptic girl to strong and confident werewolf makes perfect sense for Erica to act like a sexual predator. Although I am hoping for more character development on her front, she's behaving in the way she does because it's obvious she's used to feeling un-confident. And now she's arguably hot, obviously she feels like she has to use it. And to call her a slut is uncalled for; yes she dresses more provocatively than the other characters but that doesn't make her a slut.

Considering Teen Wolf was just renewed for a 24-episode third season, I'm not sorry to say you seem to be alone in thinking Teen Wolf has lost its bite.
  • Immortalbear
  • 1st Aug 12
To begin the reboot Spiderman movie wasn't a well kept secret. Anyone with an internet connection could have dug deep enough to find out who the villain was, especially someone with work in the film industry. New series get launched all the time because of movies. The Kanima felt like too much of a coincidence. BTW Derek knocks out the Kanima in one blow at the bar which is how Scott captures Jackson in the first place; before being stupid and starts thinking with his other head around Allison.

I do remember Allison's dad showing acceptance toward Scott at the end of the season finale

My problem with Allison and Scott is that they are having a threesome with the Idiot Ball. He is a werewolf and she is from a family of werewolf hunters, this was never going to end well. They are too caught up with their hormones to contemplate the consequences of their actions until it is too late. By the end of the season they go from in a relationship to at each other's throats with no middle ground. So what if they are teenagers, that doesn't mean they are incapable of rational thought. Especially, Scott considering he turns from a dangerous wolf to a love starved puppy when he is within 10 feet of Allison. I don't like it when a plot requires its characters to be stupid to move forward.

Erica just suddenly shows up in her episode with all of her characterization contained in that single episode. She has parents but they are only casually mentioned. What's more we never see their reaction to their daughter being cured of an affliction that had ruined her life. Her character is wasted on a laughable designated girl fight and one failed mission after another. She could have been a great foil to Scott, who hates his affliction. She isn't a slut but fits the slut archetype because she constantly tries to seduce her male counterparts upon meeting them and all of them are quick to reject her.Her characterization is shallow and avoids its potential.

The episodes have gotten better since I wrote the review but I feel that some of the writing could have been more mature in handling characters. I am hoping for better characterization next season.

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