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Reviews Comments: There is a reason why it's the best Trek movie, and my personal favorite. Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan film/book review by romanator X

I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Star Trek II really has everything a Trek movie needs, and cranks the good up to eleven. Why?

-Scenes that are not overproduced, and contain meaning. Each scene is essential to the themes of the movie.

-The themes of the movie are what you would find in a Shakespeare drama. They deal with loss, revenge, insanity, friendship, age, change, the misuse of science, and love.

-The characters are all developed to a certain extent. You feel for Khan because he lost all that he loved, and yet fear him because he can put bug things in the ears of Starfleet officers. Kirk in this movie is a deconstruction of his (albeit entertaining) Marty Stu-esque behavior in the Series by showing that actions will bite you in the end.

-The acting is full of ham ("THIS IS CETI ALPHA FIVE!") and ("KHHHHAAAANNNN!"), and I would not have it any other way.

-While it could be scary, it always had a little bit of class to show that they cared.

-The ending.... To not spoil anything, if you don't feel anything at the end of the movie, then go in for a heart transplant, because your heart is not working.

-While the FX do look weak, they do the best with the 100-or-so bucks that they gave them. They even reuse some effects from the first film, yet do it tastefully.

As a trek film AND as a regular film, I give this movie 100 points out of 10. Even if you hate Trek with a burning passion, you will like this movie.


  • uncannybeetle
  • 4th Jul 12
"Each scene is detrimental to the themes of the movie."

Er...that's not a good thing at all. Do you mean each scene is essential? That they add to and build upon the themes?
  • romanatorX
  • 8th Jul 12
Sorry about that. Will change that right now.

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