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This show definitely marks the return of great cartoon network shows. Some people think that Cartoon Network has gone downhill, but this show proves that there's still some good after all.

Nickelodeon totally missed out on this. They could've had a new Spongebob Squarepants (and finally gotten rid of the old one) but Cartoon Network scored when they picked this show up. It's really weird, but in a good way. Kinda like Flapjack, which makes since, but it's a lot better in my eyes. The characters were each given their own strong personalities, and the plots are original. Pendleton Ward went all out on fitting in so many different themes into one big series.

Over all, it's a big thumbs up to Adventure Time.


It was probably better in the long run that Nickelodeon missed out on Adventure time becuase they probably would tried to censor it a hell of a lot more and make it more kid friendly. I like to think that Nickelodeon advertises itself as a children's network, while cartoon network is simply an animation network. I know that's redundant, but this show just wouldn't be the same on Nickelodeon.
comment #20011 lilchat 1st Jul 13
Not to mention a huge fraction of the crew working on this show are transplants from classic SpongeBob.
comment #22427 anonymous1224 7th Dec 13

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