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Reviews Comments: End it. Now. Family Guy whole series review by flashsucks

Family Guy is... just a terrible, god awful show. But it used to be funny. Then it became the darling of FOX's sunday nights, and Seth Macfarlane, having realized that the effort he spent on making seasons 1-3 clever and actually tolerable was no longer needed, manipulated the show to become a mouth piece of his sociopolitical horseshit, as well as an exercise in vulgarity, knowing full well that the network loves him too much to hold him accountable for the consequences of his offensive output.

The show reeks of laziness, from its sterile, bottom of the barrel animation to a writing staff that completely lacks any sense of comedic timing, narrative, or dignity. The centerpiece of the humour, the manatee gags, which used to be funny, are now drawn out in an attempt to pad out the wafer-thin plot to 22 minutes. The animation is full of recycling, particularly in body language, everything is drawn on the same plane at a 3/4 angle, and the characters rarely move (unless you count their gums flapping). Not to mention the blatant CG.

The show has no respect for the issues it attempts to address, whether it ranges from gay rights to the war on terror. The hamfisted commentary is undermined by the compulsive need to offend, as evident in "Family Gay", where the effort in showing that being gay was not a choice (in an episode where Peter chose to be gay - temporarily) is muffled under a slew of stereotypical dialogue and the implications that gays have sex with 10 people at once. Or the recent Thanksgiving episode, where not only is the plot once again hijacked by Seth's aggravating author tract about the war in iraq, but the show dismisses any valid criticism about abandoning your civic duty for blatantly shilling what they feel is right (Joe is not a draft dodger; he willingly signed up for the war. Ida was completely right in lambasting him for running away. He is not just "some drag queen", Brian.)

I could go on and on, but i'll get to the point. Seth Macfarlane will not change. He will make no effort into improving the quality of his scripts, animation, or moral character. He is protected by the networks who ignored him when he was making something that was actually enjoyable to watch. But in his position, where FOX has treated him like a ratings god and he openly thrives on his hatemail, the show will never improve, so stop holding out.


  • Steven
  • 2nd Jul 12
The show still has some moments but if you hated how it turned now, you aren't going to like it no matter what happens afterwards. I don't even think Family Guy takes anything it says regarding certain issues that seriously and they're basically not caring who they offend. I just go along for the ride and take in what good parts I see. If you want something better, go watch American Dad or Bob's Burgers.
  • mickey96
  • 11th Apr 13
Seth Mc Farlene does not write\animate Family Guy. He has a whole team to do that.
  • maninahat
  • 12th Apr 13
Good review. I never noticed the lazy animation short cuts whilst I was watching it, though now it is probably all I'll ever notice. That can be forgivable in certain circumstances (Azumanga Daioh utterly depends on taking as many short cuts as possible), but Family Guy isn't exactly strapped for cash.

Regardless, it's the lazy writing that lets Family Guy down. I postulate that it isn't really a sit-com at all. A sit-com requires the comedy to relate to a situation, whereas Family Guy can only get two jokes out of a scene before resorting to cut-away, non sequitur gags, irrelevant to the plot. To me, that suggests the writers just aren't skilled enough to find enough humour in a story, so they have become dependent on off-the-wall wackiness. Needless to say, it has gotten really tiresome.

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