Tropers: Flashsucks

Hmmm, so i have to talk about myself, eh? Alright, then.

I'm a Canadian troper who has a big interest in Animation (Eastern and Western), sports logos and jersey designs, 90s era gaming (LucasArts and Sierra adventure games as well as ps1-era titles such as "Tomba!", "Klonoa", and "Medievil" among others, my favorite being "Twisted Metal 2"); plus, i am also a brony who likes drawing art and making/writing music, for which i use FL Studio 10, Sketchbook Express, and Sumo Paint.

Sound Cloud account:

DeviantArt account:

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Derpibooru account: I usually upload most of my deviantart stuff there under the name lettherebeponies.

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Oh, and if you're wondering about my name, i chose it at a time when i thought all flash cartoons were either Johnny Test, 6teen, or Total Drama Island.