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Reviews Comments: Classic Johnny Bravo whole series review by Lucymae 2

Johnny Bravo is a classic Cartoon Network show. The characters are colorful and funny, and have their own unique personalities. The writing was clever and spontaneous. And the character himself always found a way to make me laugh.

Johnny Bravo is basically about a guy who tries too hard to impress ladies. The character was hilariously built, with an enormous upper body, and legs both shorter than his own hair. His hair style was based on Elvis Pressley's, although it's blonde and he takes it way too seriously. Johnny's personality is pretty self-centered, and other than his momma, he doesn't really respect the other characters on the show.

Still, I see Johnny as a lovable adult child. I usually feel kind of sorry for him whenever the end of the episode isn't in his favor, which usually happens a lot, but he mostly deserves it. Nevertheless, Johnny fits in as a memorable character in Cartoon Network's original collection.


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