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I discovered moviebob in the episode "can it happen to us" where he made some very good points on the development of the game industry. I was hooked instantly upon seeing it and thought he would be the internet's next big thing. Time passed, and he eventually got a job at the Escapist (which funnily enough is the site or more specificly the forums where I discovered him in the first place) almost immediatly things got to hell. With his hiring I guess the popularity got to his head. His game overthinker videos, when they weren't nostalgic bullshit trips was a place where he can talk about how great he is (see his first screwattack video for the biggest offender) and his movie reviews became a place for him to talk about his opinion is infaillible and anyone who dissagrees with him is just a neanderthal who doesn't get good cinema.


Fame does nasty shit to people so take note aspiring internet celebrities don't let it get to your head


  • Sen
  • 27th Feb 10
No, I don't really agree with anything here. He's okay for me - I laughed at some of his stuff, but he ain't 100% horrible like you make him out to be.
  • maninahat
  • 27th Feb 10
Ah, you're just sour because he complained about smart-alec tropers in his last article. Moviebob's okay. The visual elements to his videos totally suck and I don't always agree with him, but he is very astute and the fact that he is willing to discuss videogames on the same level as any other artistic medium (and does so convincingly) is pretty commendable.
  • itsmeyouidiot
  • 2nd Mar 10
Eh, this review doesn't make any sense. At what point does moviebob ever imply that his opinion is infallible?
  • This Male troper
  • 9th Mar 10
Ay-yi-yi. Examples man, you need examples. Otherwise you like some sort of ineffective computer ninja, in and out with your business too fast for anyone to process anything. Talk about where this is apparent, what topics it sprouts from, give it some thought as to whether or not something may have been an isolated incident or not, and hell, maybe wait a bit to see if its just a bad stretch. Otherwise the whole thing is reminiscant in practice to trolling; the posting of possibly inflammatory remarks in order to incite anger in others without any real desire for intelligent discussion or the reaching of a better understanding within yourself or others. For God's sake, THINK!!
  • maninahat
  • 10th Mar 10
Huh? Ever noticed how everyone starts a comment with a monosyllabic exclamation?
  • ryal
  • 10th Apr 10
^^ uh how odd is that
  • 15th Apr 10
I'll add some examples:

If you enjoyed Halo (or FP Ss other than Bioshock), you're a douchebag.

If you think retro games can be lazy cash-ins, you're a douchebag.

All Madden games suck, and if you disagree, you're a douchbag.

If you were born after the Eighties, your -probably- a douchebag.

Playing on Xbox Live makes you a troll, or yes, a douchebag.

Yeah, these are all things he has said, and he really does have a MASSIVE ego. While I still like the guy, he really is a prick sometimes.
  • 16th Apr 10
Huh? I thought those were obvious jokes. But that's just me.

Whatever, I think he (Moviebob) is okay, but I much prefer the Nostalgia Critic.
  • HG131
  • 10th Aug 10
Oh, lookie here. Are these sockpuppets, fanboys or paid people?
  • 16th Aug 10
Uh...who? The commenters, or the reviewers?
  • Daionusthe23rd
  • 18th Aug 10
Not sure what to say about this. Moviebob's okay. I mean, he does bring up some points, and has caused me to actually learn a thing or two. And while I do like the guy, and think it would be entertaining to see him get in a debate with Yahtzee over the status of Nintendo, the Mario franchise in particular, I will say that there is just one thing that bothers me. In his "I Heart Bayonetta" episode of Game Overthinker, he claims that the complaints regarding the shape of the protagonist's head are because it's relistically proportioned and that we gamers are used to anime-style heads. Um, no. It's the fucking cone-hair. How frequently do you see a woman with a beehive hairdo? Once in a while, maybe? Now how often does one of these women shape it like an ice cream cone? Chances are, slim to none.

Also, the bit about Cammy and Chun-li. Has this man ever heard of the Touhou series? Alright, that might be a poor example due to not being mainstream, but still, there are plenty of works out there where there is major female character that is neither cold nor bubbly. I'd say the protagonist of God Stalk, Jame, but I haven't read enough of that to state my opinions on the subject.

That being said, I do like several things about him. For example, his addressing of the lack of three-dimensional black protagonists in works of fiction and how it allows Tyler Perry to cash in on his works, and the morals of Twilight. He also could be seen as a sort of antithesis to Yahtzee, what with the whole cleverness and insightfullness they generally share, hence why I would like to see them them debate. One is pessimistic, dislikes Nintendo, and acknowledges that his childhood probably wasn't as great as he thinks, and his favorite games from the time have aged poorly. The other is optimistic, has a man-crush for Shiggy, and bathes in nostalgia.
  • c17
  • 4th Nov 10
"Huh? I thought those were obvious jokes. But that's just me. "

No he's 100% dead serious

Just look at his Other M overthinker, the sole reason why Prime is "just ok" is because it's

1 a FPS 2 that's it (but I'm also going with it's made by Americans)

  • Kait0n
  • 23rd Nov 10
Hes really ignorant about Western developers, as he seems to think the only games they make are FPS' and Sports games.

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