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Reviews Comments: Worth It! Dark Souls I game review by Genki Boy

I never thought i'd ever like this game to be honest. Having seen my friends play Demon Souls and then seeing them play Dark souls always fascinated me as I didn't get why they could get so engrossed in a game that was so hard.

After playing games like Skyrim and Assassin's Creed:Revelations I decided to get this out of curiosity after watching a lets play by an American guy living in Japan. My first few minutes in the game ended with me getting sat on by a fat demon and getting pooped out of a bonfire like nothing happened (other than the obvious mental scarring.)

However, after a couple of days of playing I got the hang of things and had done the following by then (Warning: spoilers.):

- Beat the fatso tutorial demon boss.

- Meet a dude with a sun fetish

- Get burnt to a crisp on a bridge by a red dragon (or wyvern).

- Get cursed by some frogs that look like avatars for internet trolls.

- Waded through a nightmarish swamp

- Fight a hot witch spider hybrid

- Make a lava giant fall to his death by poking at his arm.

- So through a fortress from hell

- Fight the videogame representation of Kenan and Kel on crack

- Shoot a well endowed illusion with my crossbow

and I did alot more in the weeks to come. Before I knew it I was at the game's end and ended up in New game plus.Overall the game just sucks you into their world with the gameplay and deep lore that you get to appreciate if you stopped and examined for a minute or two.

Rarely has such a game come along that actually affected my gaming experience with other games. When i tried to get back into other games like Skyrim or Dragon's dogma I find myself mentally comparing it to the experiences I had while playing Dark Souls. Yes its got that kind of charm to it.

Overall if I had to give this game a score it would be 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. While its a very great gem of a game it felt shorter on future playthroughs given the knowledge and experience of your initial playthroughs and some parts feel rushed like a lava area where the lava is just blinding. Also pvp can be a punishing, rewarding or glitchy experience depending on player. Dark Souls is one game I'd recommend to anyone looking for a great gaming experience that punishes as much as it rewards. In fact this game convinced me to try out Demon Souls just to see the similarities.


  • LaLiLuLeLo
  • 18th Jun 12
Ornstein and Smough are Kenan and Kel on crack? What? o_o
  • Smurfton
  • 3rd May 15
"after watching a lets play by an American guy living in Japan." First thought: Epic Name, Bro!

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