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Reviews Comments: Overall, a quite enjoyable series. Confessions Of Georgia Nicolson film/book review by Xanram

I've read the entire series multiple times, and still enjoy it whole heartedly.

The humor is simply top-notch with the way the characters interact, Angus, and the antics of Libby, and some bits are genuinely emotional. However, one of the things I enjoy most is that Georgia, the main character and narrator, is a flawed person, with plenty of issues. She's self-centered, thinking more about herself than others, overly critical of friends and family at times, and her narration (Since it's her diary) is heavily biased in spots. Despite all of this, she manages to be a friendly person, who you want to succeed in getting Robbie. Er, Masimo. Or possibly Dave the Laugh. She isn't quite sure.

In closing, it is definitely worth the read.


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