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Not as 'horrifying' as it sounds./Or perhaps it is.
Alright, I actually was shown Salad-Fingers by a non-troper friend who thought it was hilarious. The first episode, I admit, I was amused and disturbed at the same time. However, I came to really enjoy it once I got past the slightly shocking animation and strange... habits... of Salad fingers.

In fact the first episode is barely disturbing at all and just serves as an introduction to the title character Salad-Fingers.

Nothing *that* creepy happens until about halfway through the second episode, and even that is only alluded to.

I personally think the series is mostly interesting and sad/cute in slightly disturbing ways. With that in mind, the mood likes swinging from disturbingly-cute to slightly horrifying very fast.

Although, if you want to get into the world of Salad-Fingers, I suggest doing it slowly and allowing yourself to get used to the (dark humor/accidental gore/uncanny valley animation/nonsensical things) very slowly.

I DO NOT suggest Salad-Fingers to anyone who doesn't like very very dark humor. Anyone who is disturbed by corpses and blood also wants to STEER CLEAR of Salad Fingers. I saw most of the blood/gore bits as dark humor, that doesn't mean a person who isn't okay with gore will.

Also, once you get past the first two episodes, Salad fingers goes into confusing situations and things I have had to re-watch several times to completely comprehend. As well as episode nine which I still (mostly) don't understand at all.

Cheerful watching! ;D

I typically don't like black humor, and I was first very creeped out watching Salad Fingers. I kept returning every time a new episode came out, however, and eventually found it to be absolutely hilarious and quite intriguing.
comment #14846 JobanGrayskull 14th Jun 12
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