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Reviews Comments: The Avengers... The Avengers 2012 film/book review by Drawingforaliving

I really liked the movie.The action was great,but not too much like in some films,the humor was just right and the characters were done fantastically.They all shared the spotlight and more real personality and reaction wise than in other super hero films.It's not perfect,but enjoyable.

What really kind of stood out to me as a huge flaw was the way Loki was characterized.He was just a wasn't the Tragic Villain that he was in Thor and more like the classic bad guy you see in pretty much every other super hero film or show. Now,if it was a different bad guy who really was a generic villain who wanted to take over the world and kicked puppies for fun,then it would be different.


  • CasualBanshee
  • 8th Jun 12
So much motto about the Loki thing. That was my biggest issue in the movie; Loki was just such a generic villain for this type of movie.

With that said, this review will soon be flocked by others justifying Loki's characterization in the film as consistent to his character in the comics.

Though there is no doubt that the comic books are the source material for the films and the films are heavily based on the comics, not every aspect is the same. There are differences in character personalities and the like.

Because The Avengers is an installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki's characterization should be consistent to his personality in Thor, another installment in the Marvel Cinetmatic Universe, rather than his markedly different personality in the comics. The comics justification can only go so far as the movies are of the same universe and the comics are not.
  • marcellX
  • 8th Jun 12
Or simply people saying how there wasn't really a need for this review since you're not saying anything new. It would had been easier to make it a comment to one of he reviews that already talked about that.
  • Drawingforaliving
  • 8th Jun 12
Just putting my 2 cents in.*shrugs*
  • omegafire17
  • 9th Jun 12
I don't know much about Loki's characterization in the comics, but I do remember seeing Loki's actor saying that somewhere between his 'fall' in Thor, and his reappearance in the Avengers film, Loki had seen a lot of things, and it had changed him... something like that. I can't recall exactly what.

So Loki's sudden lack of sympathatic motives is more of an All There In The Manual issue, rather than a random derailment of his character.
  • Tuckerscreator
  • 9th Jun 12
Even if Loki had less depth as a villain in this film, I didn't mind, because he absolutely commands the screen in any scene he's in. Because of that, he's always fascinating for me to watch. The explanation of the trip through the wormhole doing bad things to him also worked fine for me, since I've seen from experience what long isolation in trauma can do to a person.

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