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Reviews Comments: More than I expected Phineas And Ferb whole series review by Ash Spin

It was 2007-2008, when Hannah Montana and High School Musical were dominating the Disney Channel. Having grown up with One Saturday Morning, I wasn't pleased. Then I saw a preview for the show while I was in the movie theater (before-preview ad). When I heard "Disney Channel", I was extremely iffy. I decided to give the show a try.


It was great! And it still is. I was expecting something along the lines of High School Musical, and I got something more along the lines of Recess instead. Some people complain that the storylines are to repetetive, but at least they play with them. It's not like an episode of [[Anime/Pokemon Pokemon]] nowadays where you already know what's going to happen every episode.

I really like the characters. Finally, a TV show where not everyone's an idiot or jerk! Phineas is the cute, sweet Nice Guy, and a cross between Doug Funnie and T.J. Detweiler. Ferb is really funny, and I love his voice. Isabella and Baljeet are really cute, and Buford's hilarious. Even Candace, who only wants to get her brothers in trouble, is nice. Aside from them, I love Perry and Dr. Doofinshmirtz. Actually, I don't even hate one character!

The music is really, really good. The songs are very nice to listen to, and doesn't insult your intelligence or make you want to scream.

The humor is also really intelligent. No fart jokes every two seconds or humor out of characters being jerks. Lots of Parental Bonus jokes and jokes that even lampshade the show.

The only real "Disney Channel" thing about it is that Ashley Tisdale, who was in HSM, is Candace. I don't have a problem with this; she was actually the only thing that made the movie enjoyable. Also, Mitchell Musso is Jeremy, but I'm fine with that. It's not like they got the Sprouse brothers/Jonas Brothers to voice the duo.

So check this show out, it's Disney Channel's best show since Kim Possible and Dave The Barbarian.


  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 5th Jun 12
The thing about the repetivity, is that a lot of the jokes are that it repeats. It's not like Scooby Doo where they have a formula because that makes it nice and easy to write and they hope kids won't notice. Instead it's much more like a running gag.

Saying that, there's still an urge to see Candace or Doof actually win
  • AshSpin
  • 8th Jun 12
@Tomwithnonumbers I could see that maybe for a finale (Not that I want the show to end!)

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