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Reviews Comments: Didn't shed one tear. My Little Dashie fanfic review by Ran Yakumo

I read through the entire fanfic in about an hour. Not once did I even shed a tear, let alone feel any sort of emotional punch. All I could think was, "Is this all there is? The fanfic felt as though it was trying too hard to make the reader cry. Instead of eliciting the emotions it seeks to bring up, it instead feels like a pity piece, a work that wallows in its own misery instead of trying to tell a story or bring any sort of meaningful theme. Then, despite not even trying to aspire to any sort of ambitions, it looks up and expects readers to join it in its wanton, overwrought misery.

The main character is just a bland young man with no characterization as to why he feels the way he does outside of choosing to be unhappy with his own daily routine. He's the character equivalent of a "First-World Problems" image macro. He has a good life outside of the death of his parents, yet he refuses to take responsibility for his own happiness, instead relying on the show for his happiness. If you rely on a TV show for your happiness, your priorities and worldview are skewed. I could accept this all if he were better characterized, but he isn't. His only real purpose is for miserable bronies to superimpose themselves on him. This wouldn't be awful, except not all bronies are miserable train wrecks who hate their lives regardless of reality. I felt a strong desire to be Pinkie Pie, only so I could reach through my monitor and punch the main character in the face and tell him to grow up.

Rainbow Dash as an adult acts the exact same way she does as a filly, which is not only unrealistic, but is yet another example of terrible characterization. Like the main character, she's a flat character, only her purpose is to be blandly heartwarming. It's an insult to the real Rainbow Dash, not to mention the intelligence of the readers. I not feel any emotion for her relationship with the main character. In fact, the fanfic has given me an inner loathing of Filly Rainbow Dash.

Many found this fanfic to be a Tear Jerker. They certainly have a right to that opinion. I have a right to passionately disagree however, and I exhort anyone reading this review to not waste their valuable time on "My Little Dashie". If you must shed tears, please shed them on something more worthwhile.


  • RobbieRotten
  • 30th Jul 12
"The fact, the fanfic has given me an inner loathing of Filly Rainbow Dash. " .. flat what
  • HenryT
  • 13th Aug 12
I dint shed a tear neither. Good review :)
  • DrKilljoy
  • 5th Dec 12
Ah, good, I wasn't the only one.
  • snowbird
  • 11th May 13
Whoa, Kinda harsh analysis of the main character. The main character stuck me as someone who should have been treated for clinical depression. He didn't seem entirely prepared (mentally, emotionally, or financially)to raise a child. If anything, Rainbow Dash should have added to his problems because he is now essentially a single parent. However, baby Rainbow Dash is in no way an inconvenience. Her existence is a product of wish-fulfillment to love something and be loved in return. His decision to hide Rainbow Dash's origins from her was rather gross and manipulative. In its' defense, the story IS an effective tearjerker, but I felt that it did so in an emotionally manipulative way and that bugged me.(To be fair, the point of many stories is to manipulate or to create an emotion in the reader. Some are just more subtle than others.)

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