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Reviews Comments: Funny and witty, yet still filled with great lessons Regular Show season review by blueflame 724

The style of the regular show is definitely reminiscent of certain "adult" shows such as Beavis and Butthead, with its unorthodox character styles, strange humor, and strange characters. I've found that it's not only hilarious(with its radar dodging), but also fairly ....heartwarming at times. I think the greatest strength is how the characters are all very well rounded. The writers don't just become lazy and think that jerkass=interesting characters. They're sympathetic and flawed; the main duo are good guys at heart, but often slack off and prolong things. Their friendship is also pretty well handled(not some overly vitriolic relationship, but has its bumps) Benson is hard on them, but rightfully so due to their aforementioned slacker behavior. The situations themselves also get quite wacky. The first episode has a magic keyboard which hypnotizes people. The second has an evil video game character. These odd climaxes definitely are one of the highlights of the episodes


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