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Reviews Comments: Just Cause 2: Something for nearly every man Just Cause game review by Sora Ohmsford

Which isnít to say that women wouldnít like it, but Just Cause 2 has elements that would appeal to males more often than females. Regardless, there appears to be something that many people can find appealing in the game.

The story is pretty simple, and because of this, I would not recommend this game to people who just want a serious, in depth story, you are not going to find it in this game at all. The plot of this game boils down to: bad dictator is in power on a tropical island, do everything you can to mess up his rein and overthrow him. Luckily, this isnít trying to be topical about current wars or dictators, or at the very least itís subtle about it.

But what you really play Just Cause 2 for is the gameplay, and this is where most of the different appeal comes from; a little something for everyone if you will. There are cool cars and optional races for these cars, for those interested in racing and cars. There is a large island that can be explored, with easter eggs for those willing/like to explore. To go with the large island you have many a ďcool XĒ to go around it, be it boat, car, or plane/helicopter. There is also a grappling hook, to either get around with, which it exceeds very well at, and to use and different ways to attack enemies. There is also a lot of destruction going on in the game, with lots of explosions and gunfights to be had, so this will really appeal to people who love action games. The game even has a tough talking lead, though he isnít too machismo, in the sense that he isnít overly gung-ho or militirstic, which I really enjoyed, considering the abundance of gung-ho type of characters in action games. As a final note on the appeal, there are also strange and quirky missions you can get during the game and even towards the end of the story line which are fun to go through.

There may be issues that may bug some players, one being the sheer size of the island, which is very large and makes it difficult to systematically search the island to see what your missing for those who feel compelled to get 100% in games. Another issue may be that there is a bit too much sameness in small villages and military bases; although I know that it is a problem, for me I never found it ruining the game for me.

Overall, Just Cause 2 is a fun game that has many gameplay aspects that different types of people can enjoy.


  • Mr.Movie
  • 10th Jun 14
I've heard it's impossible to get 100% completion without modding the game.

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