Tropers / Sora Ohmsford

Since you decided to click on my name, you might be wondering who I am and other such business. Well simply put, I created an account on this wiki so that I could help to contribute to one of my favorite sites. That said, as of this edit on my troper page, I have no plans to actually help write articles or edit them, I feel that is a little above my skill level on this site at the moment. However, I plan on starting my contributions with reviews for this site. In them, as I am in real life, I will try to be as moderate as I can be within 400 words. Some of my reviews on fiction include

  1. Jurassic Park:The Game
  2. Timeline
  3. Just Cause 2
  4. Congo
  5. Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
  6. TY the Tasmanian Tiger
  7. Two Worlds
  8. Rising Sun