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Reviews Comments: Still A Good Game Mass Effect 3 game review by Baroness Samedi

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Hell, even that's been said, and this page proves it. I suppose I can start with saying that ninety-eight percent of it is a good game. Ninety-eight percent of it's a perfect game. And that last two percent? Well, I think we all know what that last two percent is.

A short preface- The first thing I heard after buying the game is that the ending sucks. But I liked ME 1, and I adored ME 2. I had to see the ending, no matter how bad. As it progressed, I decided that crappy endings be damned, I loved the game. And upon seeing the ending, I still think that. The idea that it's all a message about how Shepard doesn't matter is a load of existentialist crap, especially since the Stinger seems to think otherwise. But it didn't give closure, it didn't tell us what became of our choices and our companions. It ended with a few pretty shots and some inspirational music. Which is exactly what the last two did.

Which leads me to think that this isn't the end. Not only because I fail to see how the rest of the game can be so great and fall down in such a vital aspect, but because a lot of things simply aren't addressed. The reapers are still never fully explained, the Thessia VI mentions something about the Protheans dealing with their own Cereberus, and patterns in each cycle- never explained. Not to mention the Catalyst's flippant acceptance of Shepard popping up, and it OUTRIGHT saying it'd need to cook up another "solution" now. If they'd kept with the dark energy explanation and the Crucible did what we believed it would, everyone would be fine. But they didn't. And I can only think they decided to cop out of that in order to set-up another sequel. Was it clumsily done? Yes. Was it result of Bioware just not caring, or being greedy bastards, or- most illogically of all- simply trying to piss off the fans? Probably not. And so they lied about it being a trilogy. Honestly, people, it's Mass Effect. Are you really going to complain about getting another game out of it?

Are perhaps I'm wrong, the writer's made a human mistake, and this is the end. My claim still stands. That last two percent sucks. But that ninety-eight percent is worth it ten times over.


  • Spychan
  • 30th Mar 12
I totally agree with this reviews. I am currently playing this game along with multiplayer and I'll be honest, it's a really damn good game. It's just the ending is the only bad thing I could say about it.
  • PurpleDalek
  • 30th Mar 12
Couldn't agree more.

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