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Reviews Comments: Fluttershy Flies High Once Again! My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 22 Hurricane Fluttershy episode/issue review by Don East

I am a huge fan of Fluttershy. I watched beyond the first two episodes because of her, I became a Brony because of Dragonshy, I believe Fluttershy (and Rarity) has the most depth & development in Season 1, & I waited so long for Season 2 to give Fluttershy her moment in the sun. I thought Putting Your Hoof Down was pretty good but I wanted more. And then I saw Hurricane Fluttershy and...




This episode had everything! Good jokes, fun callbacks, & several emotional moments through out the episode.

Fluttershy is not just my favorite pony because she's so cute & lovable. But because I connect with her as a character. I wasn't good at sports when I was little, I was picked on in school, I hardly talk to new people so in this episode I really felt for her.

  • Rainbow Dash was probably at her most in character this entire season. Determined to succeed no matter what the cost. Trying her best to make Fluttershy join with the rest of the pegasi. In fact this along with the reference to their Fillyhood past, adds even more depth to their friendship. Every scene between the two were so sweet.
  • New BG pegasi! The one that's obviously on steroids was hilarious.
  • The scene where Angel & Fluttershy's other animals cheer up & helped her improve her confidence was sweet. It's a nice reminder that Fluttershy not just takes care of them, but they're Fluttershy's friends and are loyal to her. For that matter, it's nice to see Angel helping Fluttershy considering how he Took A Level In Jerkass in his last appearance.
  • The training montage was epic. I love how one bunny had a Derpy mask at one point.
  • The Tara Strong voiced Twilight not being able to speak squirrel, definitely had to be reference to The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Of course, the entire third act has an amazing climax even if I figured how it was gonna go down. It's thanks to the animators & voice actors making it work.

Grade: A+


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