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Reviews Comments: This show... is MY SOUL! (That means it's really good) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann whole series review by Amazing Lagann

I went into this show in a non criticizing mood, and this is how it should be watched. Just relax and enjoy, and be swept up in the awesomeness. If you like to be inspired and uplifted, this is for you. The only way you could not like this show is if you are cynical to a fault. I know it's sometimes hard to see the good in the world, but if you have to believe in just one thing, believe in the you who believes in me. And I believe in Gurren Lagann. This show is my mantra, my motto, my soul. It's what gets me up in the mornings, and pushes me along until my legs give way. This show is literally my religion. Now on to why it's so good.

Besides being pure optimism, it has very strong characters, a solid plot, great music, amazing animation, and a strong fighting spirit. While Yoko is basically exploited by the animators as a sex object by the clothing she wears, she is not portrayed as an object. She is a strong, believable character, whose actions are not made for the camera, but for the plot. Kamina is hard not to love, an energetic, manly, and optimistic fighter, he's my favorite character, and I revere him as Jesus. Simon is little boy, rightfully afraid of his circumstances, but he's also brave.

I can't say much about the plot, except to say that it's simple. And I can't say much about the music besides that I enjoyed it. The animation, as I mention before, is clean and very enjoyable except for episode 4.

When I watched this show, I felt the spirit of god burning in my soul stronger than at any other time. When Kamina came back, I cried. No, not manly tears, I was choking up. It was pure fun, and this is why Gurren Lagann is now my religion, and my favorite piece of media ever.


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