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Reviews Comments: Not Really Worth Reading A Mothers Love fanfic review by fitfitter 95

I re-read this story and decided to edit my review as I felt the first one did not do it much justice.

Pro's: Interesting concept, it was an original idea at the time and the fic came out when many things were not really known, I liked Itachi's character, some parts of the story are genuinely funny and keep you engaged, the OC's are not that annoying and overall, its good writing.

Cons: The final battle, you spent 80 some chapters building up to it and in the end, you finished the battle in around 2,000 (maybe less) words. That is not cool. Sasuke, he killed Sakura and acquired the Mangekyo, only to go down immediately, he needed to be around longer to make it interesting. Kushina who basically KILLED people for her son and got away with it. Hinata, Purity Sue came off as annoying.

Overall: It is readable if you can get past all these GLARING character flaws, but it was not for me, the first time or the second.


  • Kereea
  • 20th Apr 12
I think you did a lot better job summing up the Akasuki issue than I did. I totally forgot to mention the buildup (because I forgot it was there, seriously, because of all the other stuff). The thing that got me with the Sasuke bashing didn't feel like he deserved it towards the latter half of his existence in-fic. And I came into the fic wanting to bash Sasuke. Great-sum up, and no, I'm not sure why they put this on here either other than a lot of the super-long fics in each fandoms that has them tend to go up, even when they aren't so good.
  • Kereea
  • 16th Jun 12
Ad for the Akasuki wasn't like dropping an atom bomb on them , I think it was actually dropping one on them, since Naruto swooped in with an explosion of chakra which wiped most of them out very fast. That is pretty much a literal atom bomb. Good review!
  • arisboch
  • 17th Jun 12
1) he's not exactelly invincible, at least not that unplausibly, he can use the Hiraishin (His pa did defeat an flippin army with that and helped to win the 3rd shinobi world war. In canon.) He get's nearly roasted by Itachi's Amaterasu, he is only saved by Nii. 2) Yeah, that was kinda too short, that comes when people want to wrap up things to fast too easy. 3) Not so unreasonable, it happened with Gaara/Chiyo in canon... Which makes it not good. 4) She has much less "We're awesome cause we're the effin clan x"-attitude and Hinata was sure enough of her husband, not herself and it was partly at least a plot to save her (Yugito) from being handed over to the Akatsuki and fuelling the world-destruction-machine. 5) CAR CRASH?! He was shredded by Naruto using 4 tails worth of Kyuubi-chakra in a really close-call battle. 6) This is not sooo far-fetched, just a wind blade technique with loootsa chakra used, he's a jinchuuriki after all and they didn't knew, that Konoha has something like that. 7) She wasn't a slave, she was a "hostage", which were treated like "honered guests"... Being a lil like his mom, she was in controll of the relationship, not him. cop-out my ass.
  • kay4today
  • 18th Jun 12

Man, you really are keen on making all those points way more sympathetic than they were actually portrayed in the story.

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